Top 5 new technologies are impacting the real estate industry

The real estate sector has been the center of attention for a long time now. With prices and market conditions fluctuating quite frequently, it comes as no surprise that all eyes look for real estate news. When we discuss the latest developments in a field, there is no way that we can overlook the impact of technology. Right from flying cars to talking robots, humankind has always been fascinated by how we can develop further. Thus, continue reading ahead to learn about the top 5 new technologies impacting the real estate industry.

The growth of online platforms.

The world is going digital- rapidly. Each day, we learn about new websites and online portals for every industry. In such a situation, the real estate sector also realized that it must undergo a massive change. It gave birth to the idea of online buying and selling. Earlier, online purchases were restricted to domains such as fashion, beauty, and essential commodities. However, automobiles and real estate have joined the team too. But how is it possible to buy individual villas online? Please continue to the next point to see how virtual walkthroughs make it possible.

Virtual walkthroughs are lovely!

What do you understand by the phrase ‘virtual walkthrough’? You see, sometimes traveling to view so many properties may not be physically possible. It includes several factors, such as your day’s schedule, the distance between the given properties, and the agent/broker’s availability. Virtual walkthroughs help you get past these barriers right from the comfort of your home. You can now navigate through your property online, virtually.

Another common concern that most people have is whether they will be able to virtually see the entire property. Earlier, this was a hassle when the technology had just started coming into the mainstream market. However, now, several upgrades have happened to give you a complete tour of the property. Be it a residential space or a commercial property, Virtual Reality (VR) can take you on a floor-by-floor and room-to-room tour. You can enter the rooms, zoom in on different features, get an idea of the available space, and likewise.

This technology is most useful for those who are moving to another city and would like to see the properties beforehand. It saves a lot of time, effort, and resources in the long run.

Blockchain technology

Have you heard of blockchain? You must have! It is most commonly used when we discuss cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? In the simplest terms, it is an online currency that is entirely digital. It does not have any physical bank or real authority to monitor the tokens, but online presences look into its monitoring and use. Please note that different countries have different policies regarding cryptocurrency. While some nations have made it legal, some do not recognize it at all. You must go through the latest news to know about these developments.

Blockchain has enabled promoters Coimbatore to sell properties or specific sections of their properties online. However, the deal is done with cryptocurrency. There is complete encryption and built-in legitimacy checks when you deal with tokens. Known as tokenization, it opens up unlimited possibilities and avenues for brokers to crack the deal. If you are worried about security checks and the legal side of things, you have nothing to worry about. Blockchain ledgers help yo store property tiles securely.

If you are still worried about finding the right blockchain broker for yourself, you can check out online resources to know who’s trending and who is trustworthy. Remember, online ratings and reviews can give you a clearer idea of who to trust.

Machine learning algorithms can be game-changing.

How often have you heard a broker or agent be entirely clueless about his possible return on investments? Property investors need to know how much their efforts and investments are likely to yield. This is where machine learning and big data have been proving to be game-changing for everyone in the domain. For example, it can help real estate agents learn a simple thing, such as which type of property is most likely to be in demand in the coming time. Accordingly, they can make substantial investments.

On the other hand, machine learning algorithms can also help builders in Coimbatore get a rough estimate of their commissions. Most of them work on a commission basis but face failure due to low commission rates. The alternative is to pace up the number of sales. This is possible only with machine learning algorithms. Continue to the last point now- big data.

Big data is crucial for real estate

Last but not least, no blog on the top 5 new technology impacting real estate is complete without talking about big data. Let’s start with what persuades a client to buy a property before we get into the details of big data and its influence. The answer lies in his needs. For example, a newly married couple is most likely to look for a 2 BHK, where the other room will be for their child. They may look for a 3 BHK, where one of the rooms is the guest room. So, it would help if you made recommendations accordingly. Then, their financial background can give you an idea of their budget.

Now, this is what big data does. It helps you sell your properties based on the personal choices of your customers. Customized marketing and pitching is the best way to crack deals, and big data can be your best friend on this journey. There is likely to come a time when you can make personalized offers to your clients, even if they haven’t explicitly told you about what they are looking for.

These are the top 5 technologies that are influencing the real estate sector today. While these are likely to develop further, several other new technologies will also come into the picture shortly.

Utilize LinkedIn for Effective Leads – Your Way Out to Higher Conversion!

Get over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram folks, LinkedIn is silently becoming the most favoured child of social media today!

Yes, while there’s no doubt that other platforms still hold a good share of popularity amongst marketers, the steady rise of this platform cannot be contested. If numbers are to be believed, as much as 40% of the respondents indicate at the popularity of this platform in network creation for B2B marketers.

Does it ring in something?

Yes, the vaster the business network, the more capable you are of generating effective leads for your business. Moreover, in this context, it beats other platforms by a wide margin.  Like, Twitter falls a whopping 25% below its capability and Facebook at 3% below this. Other platforms don’t even come close and are entirely dwarfed by its outreach.

Not to mention, the recent campaigning and other productive strategies have made LinkedIn the most effective platform for lead generation. So, why should any business stay behind when it carries unmatched useful lead generation capabilities?

Here’s another data to prove its prominence – As much as 23% more social media managers who are experienced favour using this social platform than the beginners for lead generation.

Now, when its pre-eminence is already established, let’s have a detailed look at how this platform can give your business active leads.

Ad campaigning for a cut-through effect

Campaigns have been a useful tool so far for reaching out to the target audience on this social media platform. While campaigning has been effective in garnering new viewers and attracting new leads, LinkedIn takes it a step further. It offers advanced tools that help get the most out of a business’ campaigning strategy.

Two of the most popular campaigning strategies that have brought in a good number of effective leads are –

  • Sponsoring

With the help of Sponsored Updates, you get a channel to reach out to the feeds of people your business targets. These people are the most likely to find the content valuable.

Here’s how the best performing sponsoring campaigns have been doing it so far!

  • They create content that bears the closest possible relevance for their target audience.
  • These sponsored ads are integrated with enticing images for thumbnails to attract the reader’s attention.
  • These ads also accompany a captivating headline that straightaway answers the question – What does it bring for the customers?
  • Businesses then ask the most valuable contacts in their network to share the content and tap this lead generation potential.

Quite clearly, sponsored ad campaigning is winning businesses more and more effective leads over time.

It’s all in the network, you see!

  • Personalisation

Circumventing the sponsorship strategy of lead generation, personalisation is another effective method for the same. Businesses add the personalisation element when distributing the various types of advertisements on this social platform.

It is well-known that more personalised ads leave a stronger message for readers or viewers, thus, reverberating the business’ idea and purpose in their mind. It also establishes more relevance for the viewers, making them an effective lead for the company.

Another factor that plays in when adding a touch of personalisation to these ads is that they address a business’ marketing goals that are more specific and diversified.

With personalised ads, you can make your marketing strategy more diversified, thereby, reaching out to more specific sections of the target audience. It increases the chances of generating effective lead to the manifold on LinkedIn.

As per one of the research results, ads on this platform resulted in a conversion of as much as 11.3% of available leads. The good news is that the cost businesses incurred per lead on this platform reduced a remarkable 68% as against through other social media platforms.

Types of ads

The social media platform also allows one to leverage the existing reach of a business with the help of two specific types of ad campaigns –

  • Text Ads

Are You a Beginner? Dig in to Know about Google Analytics!

Arguably one of the most sorted out tools, Google Analytics understand your website traffic like no other. It emerges to be a powerful web analytics application that like any other Google offering comes absolutely free.

Offering a host of compelling features as well as benefits for every professional starting from senior executives to website owners, this application is indeed a wonder.

As per statistics, there are 27,725,874 live websites that use it currently. It has a number of variations such as –

  • 360 Suite
  • Anonymize IP
  • Beta Tracking
  • Custom Variables
  • Ecommerce
  • Forced SSL
  • Social Interactions
  • Tasks
  • Universal analytics Debug

Read up to know more about Google Analytics!

How do you set up?

  1. Set up an account under your primary Google account by visiting the official website – https://www/
  2. Click on the Sign In option.
  3. Google now links all the services including its analytics section right under one single centralised account.
  4. If you have logged in successfully, then visit the Admin tab. Next, set up an account and a property name. A single account can contain multifarious properties for tracking.
  5. Go under Account drop down and then choose Create New Account.
  6. Now, name your Account which is your company name, then your website name and lastly, specify your website URL.
  7. Insert a tracking code which Google Analytics has provided you with. This only takes a few minutes depending upon how long your CMS needs to add this tracking code.

This is it! Now that your tracking is all set up, the web analytics application starts to collect data instantly. After a few days’ time, you get to see your reports and review them.

Goals & conversion tracking

Your digital business success depends upon how well you use the analytics at your disposal. Thousands of competitors are swarming on the web fighting for the “SPOT” on search engine ladder.

Herein comes the vitality of conversion goals. These are the ones measuring your business outcomes. Goals help in tracking your business’ true effectiveness by analysing your website performance. You get to see whether your target hub is doing what it is supposed to do and thus, confirm your business affectivity. So, before you start measuring your goals, you need to set them.

Google Analytics utilises goals for tracking conversion on your website.

Hence, your conversion must align with the rightful action that you need from your website visitors. Conversion may be in the form of a purchase or an info request or subscription. What the analytics implement for measuring the goals is majorly through your destination pages where the user lands for completing a particular task.

Here is how you create a new goal –

  1. Sign in first and then go to the Admin tab.
  2. Move to your desired Account and then View.
  3. Click upon Goals that reside in the View column.
  4. Hit upon +New Goal.
  5. Now, choose a fitting template as per your business objectives.
  6. Click on ‘continue’ and then name your goal.
  7. Mention how you wish to track your goals.

Remember that the analytics will show you conversions right from the moment you set up the goals tracking. After it receives the data, it shows you a number of reports.

Why is Google Analytics crucial for you?

Bot Filters

Google comprises some of the best robust bot filtering abilities so far. Its capability to fight spams remains unparalleled to date. Bot covers a wide range of things starting from search engines to referral spams. Unlike other software which ignores certain bots, Google does not miss a thing.

Better Metrics

The numbers on this analytics look a lot different than other software as they use diverse kinds of metrics. The stats here remain closer to your site’s unique visits as it measures “sessions”; whereas other programs measure clicks or raw hits. However, a “session” from this analytics gets generated from multifarious page views incurred from a single person. You can say that here, you compare apples with oranges! Keep in mind that the data is rock solid and NOT wrong. It helps you make smart business decisions for your website.

Most accurate

Google knows pretty much everything about everything!

It has very likely got data based upon your browsing habits. Therefore, it proves the best as it gathers REAL insights on REAL people who visit your website. In case you wish to know how many have visited your website, then it is the one who has the right answer.

Way to go! GA is your choice

Google Analytics (GA) is currently the best comprehensive tool of analytics in the market. It lets you grow your business with confidence.

With it, you can –

  • Track the demographics of your website visitors
  • Know how they are coming to the site
  • Learn how are they interacting with the content

Some of the vital things that you can track

Location – Here, you identify the exact geographical location of your website visitors.

Content – Recognise which sites send traffic to you.

eCommerce – Understand the shopping behaviour of your target audience.

Traffic source – Find the most desired blog posts and pages.

Did you know you can add Google to your WordPress?


You can easily add Google Analytics to the WordPress website of yours. It can take place in 2 ways:

  • Manually: Using the tracking code
  • Automatically: Using the Plugin

The GA was industrialized from Urchin on Demand Software. This software was later assimilated by the mega-giant Google in 2005. As earlier the demand for this product was low, it had ‘invitation only’ availability. However, with a million users today, it is entirely accessible.

In the highly digitized 21st century, Analytics has emerged as an influential application which helps you track the traffic patterns for your site. It also integrates with other important programs of Google such as AdSense as well as AdWords.

It’s easy to use and is dynamic in nature. Learn as much as you can, and then, see the web magic it spins for your business!

Local Listing – What Difference Does It Make If You Go for Google Ranking?

Creating, editing, and most importantly, updating – Google listing is neither that difficult nor trivial and yet many of you business people miss out on it.


Google ranking is what you care about at the end of the day, and you do want to see yourself soaring high on the SEO ladder! Well, if that is the case, then you might well buckle up and start your Google business listing right away.

Why add business to Google?

Remember when you were kiddo and had a shiny new toy car and couldn’t wait to show it to your school friends the next day?

You did not shy away because you wanted to be seen and that is exactly what holds for brands today. Visibility is crucial for you folks, making Google SEO optimization, a viable marketing tool for you.

You have to be where your lead base or people, in general, are right now!

In fact, if you must know, about 84% of today’s consumers utilize their tablets/ computers for searching for local businesses.

  • Increased customers & sales

34% of customers who seek out any business via local searches visit the physical location for real. 18% of the local searches lead one purchase per day.

All of these data sums up the fact that the more easily your business gets found by your users online, the more sales you have. Google listing, therefore, enhances your website traffic eventually boosting your customer numbers to a large extent.

  • Website SEO improved

Google SEO optimization is what you must adhere to if you want plausibility in the search engine ranks. Google’s algorithms help this search engine to look across the web for locating information on a specific business.

As your business gets listed online in many places, Google collects more information about you and helps you to show up much above in the Google ranking.

  • Exposure boost

Thousands of apps, as well as directories, are present today from where users can procure the business information they want. However, they find it easier to look for any particular local business on search engines like Google. These directories build a database by crawling on the web and rely to a considerable extent upon Google for gathering more information.

This means that many suggestions which a user finds on these smaller apps and directories have come up owing to their Google listing. Updating your listing on this mega giant of a search engine where you add business to Google, therefore, provides you with a more pronounced exposure in such apps.

Google ranking made right!

By being accurate on the listing, Google deems you trustworthy and makes you pop up when a customer searches for a local business. Painting a wholesome picture on search engines brings consistency to your SEO ranks as the more information you provide, the credible with a source Google believes you are.

So, this year, do your needful by being accurate and updated to this search engine so that it can do its job of making you more visible.

Care to Know about SEO’s Third Eye: Technical Optimization?

When it comes to SEO, all the highs and mighties talk about on-page SEO (content & page optimization) and off-page SEO (website relations) in the first instance.

However, there’s another protagonist who is often not mentioned and yet forms a crucial part of any SEO company.


Wonder why nobody really talks about it when they should? Leave it, let’s just hit the topic and fire away!

What is technical search engine optimization?

Technical SEO connotes to all those undertakings which relate to everything except content optimization and link building. It follows search engine requisites to improve crawling. As the requirements are in constant state of flux, so is technical search engine optimization! Therefore, we can state that this wing of SEO is always undergoing modification.

  • This segment of SEO needs optimization so that it can help your online content and links rise amidst the overcrowded maze of search engine results, without any glitches.
  • It is all about developing and solidifying a foundation for your niche offering you a positive marketing environment.

Building blocks of technical search engine optimization –

1. Within the greater part of the umbrella that is SEO, you can say that technical SEO is one singular gear that keeps the car going. It is kind of a companion who is dexterous enough to implement a successful SEO campaign.

2. Technical optimization makes sure that your website has no broken links. Error codes such as “404 not found” and “403 forbidden” are resisted as these to create a negative impression on your target audience’s mindset.

3. It helps you own short and intuitive domain names. Set up these names so that they can redirect your audience to the homepage. However, make sure that these do not look like spams to search algorithms.

4.URLs get optimized too. It lets you have short slugs which aid search engines to locate apropos subpages and segment the diverse parts of your website.

You can assist in technical optimization to achieve faster & better results.

Here’s how –

  • Try keeping the templates simple (minimalistic and fewer elements on your page keep the speed of your site up and running.)
  • Strike a balancing chord between a comprehensive page design and lesser amounts of webpage elements.
  • Adjust your website images’ sizes; otherwise, be prepared to experience troublesome loading time. Do go for jpg for images and png for graphics.
  • Try limiting your redirects as these may hamper your loading speed to a great extent. Your user will really get irritated if he/she has to wait for your page to load. Try opting
    for one single redirect!

If you want your website to be the behemoth of the digital space, then make sure you get the SEO techniques right.

What is a better way to stand out than this?

Technical search engine optimization may be. As rightly said in Nolan’s Interstellar, a “gentle singularity” which one must sling well so that it does not boomerang!



Top 5 Ruling Rambos of Digital Marketing in 2019!

We have already dived into a digital marketing bonanza, haven’t we?

The numerous digital marketing trends that have been doing the rounds for the last 3-4 years
are changing the game of online brand business.

Every year, you see thousands of tabs on the Google Search Engine relating to the latest
trending news creating a feverish buzz.

So, as 2018 is soon going to wrap up, let us be the first to gouge the 2019 trends of the digital
world! Your marketing game plan needs a prelude, and this perhaps, can help you start your
prep for the upcoming year.

5 best digital marketing trends that will sweep your customers off their feet!

I. Live Videos

Aha! About this, you have heard like a gazillion times! And why shouldn’t you? Live videos are
sensation creating digital marketing tools through which you get to tell your brand story in the
most organic way possible. Facts state that 82% of viewers prefer watching a brand’s live
updates rather than the casual social media posts. With the boom in social media, especially
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, live streaming will be the clear winner for you in 2019!

II. Smart Speakers

Okay, so these are the ones making headlines in the digital marketing news. As voice search optimization rises to peak, smart speakers along with their personal subordinates are changing a brand’s relationships with its consumers. This is a revolution indeed as in the upcoming years, clienteles will buy for say Amazon’s Alexa or other voice-driven speakers to shop and order for anything. Brands have to fully develop their voice marketing strategies, say till 2022.

III. Video Ads

Online video ads are going to dominate the next decade.

Being a viable part of the digital marketing trends, this will have a crucial impact on your customers. See, nowadays people’s attention length is pretty much dwindling and as they scour through the millions of online texts, video ads can be their engaging factor. You have to conceptualize and disseminate authentic brand content in the most lucid manner possible. Your advertisements should be the perfect visual speakers which will transfer the brand message in an easy manner.

IV. Chatbots

They call it the “battle of bots” and for good reason. Chatbots are your way of enhancing customer engagement without giving them the minimum hint that they are interacting with a machine. Utilising them on the social media frontier is a known practice, and now, you have to boost the communication level between your brand and consumers to reach an advanced level.

V. Internet Television

It is a seismic shift when you want to portray your brand ads on internet TV. It remains the best bet if you want to reach your target audience. This basically emerges as a shotgun approach where you reach the mass market at one go!

Gear up your brand game with these quirky 5 digital marketing trends in 2019!

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