The growing trends in Affiliate Marketing

The realm of Digital Marketing is growing dynamically and drastically. New and rejuvenating concepts and technologies are being introduced into the market every now and then. Hence it is persistent to stay updated with the current trends of market to be well-informed. This growth is no different to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs have been evolving out to be a game changer in the digital marketing industry. Its growth is very swift that, it has a potential to stay alive and fresh for continuing years as well.

There was a time when affiliate marketing seemed dubious and unconvincing to sell any products. It was considered on the fringe and marketers were on the fence that the technique would prove ineffective. But today, affiliate marketing is in rage since the leading e-commerce sites comprehended it as one the highest growth avenues within the digital marketing world. It has become a predominant digital marketing strategy for many established companies across the world. Today affiliate marketing programs has a reputation and credential in the market that spectacles it proficiency.

  1. Content continues to rule

It has always been the content that remained as the integral part of affiliate marketing. Even today, people see the content prior to anything else. Organizations are roiling out the eminent and quality content that has the latent to appeal both customers and search engines.

In the coming years, the creativity of the content will matter so much that, it might take the prominent stage in affiliate marketing. There will be a huge demand for creative content which will be rich in audio-visual aspects. The traditional way of product demonstration would be replaced with creative slideshows, images and video demonstrations of products and services. No matter what, the written words will definitely have its prominence; but it is the creative content that will soon reign in the world of affiliate marketing.

  1. Off-beat category picks up

Online shopping industry is ruled by the sales of electronic gadgets and fashion. But lately, certain off-beat categories has been picking up that incorporate medicines, grocery and everyday jewellery as well. With changing lifestyle, many have found solace in the not-so-time-consuming online shopping and its trends. Increasing number of shoppers are tuning into the internet to look for the grocery delivery and supply of prescribed medicines as well.

With exceptional delivery chains and systems, most of the online shopping sites are able to meet customer expectations and delivery instantly. Increase in the demand of these off-beat categories will benefit the affiliates as they will earn greater commissions on these products.

  1. Optimizing Voice search

Voice search is on the excessive rise. This rise is attributed to the elevated use of phone and home assistants like Siri, Google home and Amazon Alexa. With the penetrating advent of these, the internet searches have received a new dimension. As to match up with the current trends, affiliate marketers will have to pay more focus on optimizing for voice searches. Different individuals have different ways to search for the content that they are looking for. It is imperative that affiliate marketers prepare themselves for this different trend, and start optimizing for more natural speech patterns in order to stay alive and relevant for long term.

  1. Influencer Marketing getting bigger

The interest in influencer marketing has grown humongous, over the past few years. There is a huge number of people who search for content online and trust the unique blend of people’s opinions. These people aren’t celebrities; but are real people who endorse products and services based on their real time experiences. Hence influencers have a bigger effect on user decisions and user perspectives, which in direct influence the sales.

  1. Think beyond banners

Banner ads are the most common way to advertise affiliate marketing. But today with the advent of innumerable marketing trends, it is important to think beyond banners. Most affiliate marketers are moving to social media as a way to pull in more conversations to get more followers and subscribers. Most of the social media platforms offer ad programs for both affiliate marketers as well as business owners.

8 Best Examples Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2018

Portraying a staunch stand against racism

Fighting against beauty clichés

Empowering women

Brands had made a POINT in 2018 with their hard-hitting digital marketing campaigns.

It was a maze of dynamism.

The field of digital brand marketing continues to evolve like the recently discovered “Black Hole” enigma by NASA. This world does protrude an immense virtual gravitational pull asking marketers to become more and more unconventional and carve mind-boggling campaigns for their brands.

Social media, website content curation and portraying a PERSONALITY – these have been the focus last year.

Back to a robust nostalgia – Digital marketing campaigns that played well

  1. NIKE – “Just Do It”

This mega-giant of a sports brand stirred controversy when it revealed its ad that starred NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The tag line said,

“Believe in something…. Even if it means that you sacrifice everything.”

A divisive figure in the US, Kaepernick had received both criticism and praise for kneeling down while the national anthem played protesting racial injustice. Therefore, Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign for its 30th anniversary included him and stoked a split impression. The brand received immense attention which ultimately paid off well. The brand incurred “record engagement” on social media and received a good “uptick” in its website traffic.

  1. LinkedIn – “What are you in it for?”

Right at the beginning of the year 2018, LinkedIn, the professional social media network, embarked upon creating a niche campaign.

It changed the advertising pace, and as a professional networking platform, LinkedIn started its social media campaign where it asked its “CONNECTIONS” – what they are in it for?

With the answers which its members put forward, the platform created a dexterous video ad campaign and launched it during the Golden Globes. Individuals answering why they push themselves professionally to a new boundary featured in this video.

LinkedIn made sure that their social media campaign promoted the idea that no matter what their members are in their platform for; they are all in it together.

  1. KFC – “Herbs & Spices”

A brilliant Twitter team made KFC take the “Pun of course intended” to an entirely different level. To cut it short, the brand actually followed very subtly 11 herbs and spices on Twitter.

If you take a look at KFC’s account on Twitter, then you shall see that the brand is now following 6 men named HERB and 5 women who formed the Spice Girls. The restaurant known for its tag line “11 Herbs & Spices” used for prepping its famous fried chicken recipe did this fun campaign that received numerous retweets and guffaws.

Currently, their Twitter handle has 1.23 million followers and exactly 11 users whom they follow! It was indeed a clever digital marketing campaign by KFC.

  1. DOVE – Change the Rhyme

Beauty stereotypes have been a constant memory especially for women around the world. This sensitive area received a tap from Dove which aimed to implement a strong presence with its “#chagetherhyme” campaign.

The brand wanted to enhance the concept of real beauty in India by using local insights of women. Their campaign celebrates a different notion of beauty which featured India’s women athletes. Our favourite rhyme, “Chubby Cheeks”, played in the background of the ad video. Dove fetched millions of views on its YouTube channel for this video that spoke against the unrealistic beauty standards that the Indian society imposes upon young girls.

  1. Weight Watchers – #WWfreestyle

The digital marketing campaign of this brand shows how brilliant a brand can be while choosing the right partner for it.

The beginning of 2018 saw that global music sensation, DJ Khaled, became the brand’s official social media ambassador. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and FB were explored with this campaign. DJ Khaled participated in the FreeStyle program of Weight Watchers bringing in younger audiences to this brand that promotes diet and weight loss.

As per the CNN reports, Weight Watchers instantly received a 6% boost.

  1. OkCupid

A controversial digital marketing ad was launched by this brand who took a risk by defining the acronym DTF as Dating Deserves Better – All Head Over Heels!

Adweek reports show that this risk actually paid off well. This campaign boosted the brand’s social mentions by a whopping 50%. It resonated with the woken and those in the LGBTQ community. It demonstrated the effectiveness of disruptive marketing.

  1. IHOP – Now IHOb

The changing of a brand name is a risk that few are willing to take. However, there are the daredevils like IHOP who generated one of the largest brand awareness campaigns last year.

The brand introduced a very simple new product line – burgers.

It created vitality bigger than any brand of its similar niche. For example, it incurred more conversation, 948,750 to be precise, in comparison to Burger King or McDonald’s and even beat social media kings like Wendy’s! It was a simple trick that quadrupled its sales.

On Twitter, it stated,

“We have been here for 60 pancakin’ years’ folks as IHOP! Now, we are flippin’ our name to IHOb. To know more, wait for 6.11.18. #IHOb”.

  1. Coca Cola – BTS as Spokesmen

Coca Cola has always been a clever troupe!

They know which things can go VIRAL on the virtual media, and last year was no exception. Last summer, the brand used the largest sports event in the world – FIFA for announcing their partnership with pop legend band, BTS.

The brand remarkably utilised their hunch regarding which influencers shall bring them more market, and they did it. Their digital marketing ad regarding the announcement earned a conversation of 1,005,475!

Brands have a way of their own you know?

All of these mega brands that stirred a swirl in the virtual world know where to mark their insignia. Digital marketing is not something which you can define for it changes every day with the advancement of technologies and social media bonanza.

Creating unprecedented interests in the minds of their target audience is what the challenge is. It is a reinvigorating game where the slightest bit of lax in marketing leads to a considerable losing out of your brand position.

5 Clever Ways the Right Content Can Drive Your Brand’s Growth

The old maxim of ‘Content is king’ has probably never been truer than it is now. The Internet, once seen as the cynosure of every marketer’s eyes, has rapidly snowballed into what can be termed a ‘mess’ in colloquial terms. There are more sites, better services, bigger companies and a lot more sellers all hogging for eyeballs. Granted, there have never been so many readers online earlier as there are now.

However, with diminishing attention spans and more options to choose from, even established websites feel threatened. That is an indication that they lack a proper digital marketing plan.

That is where content enters the picture. Good content is the basic recipe for great content marketing. When done right, good content can drive a lot of organic traffic to your website. It is a slippery slope, however, for bad content can ruin your website’s reputation, rankings and recall value.

To ensure better digital marketing, a proper strategy has to be chalked out, if necessary from scratch. Without much ado, here are 5 ways you can work wonders with content.

  1. Position yourself carefully: To stand out in the crowd, you must first understand the composition of the crowd. What do your competitors provide? How do they provide it? What is it that they have which your service lacks, if anything? Most importantly, do they have a better brand strategy?

When it comes to strategizing, the old aphorism of ‘beg, borrow or steal’ does not stand, however. You have to create your own space. To do that, you need to hit the ‘sweet spot’ that fabled delta where the three tributaries – company offerings, customer needs and marketing dynamics meet. Think of it as a Venn diagram: the sweet spot is where the triad meets. Enthuse your readers with fresh content regularly. Never focus on the same topic or subject in a short period.

You also need to position yourself as a trustworthy and reliable brand, one that resonates with the customers’ needs. To do that, seek your own unique identity and establish that as the nucleus of your content. Ideally, some elementary research on your competitors will elicit their USPs, and you can tweak yours’ accordingly. Your content must focus on positioning your brand as the one that stands out from the maddening crowd.

Also, to ensure your content has recall value, ensure it is free from grammatical or spelling errors. Syntax is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. When you post error-free content regularly, your readers know you pay attention to details.

  1. Ask questions regularly: The tastes of the audience are dynamic. Does your reader demand the same thing he or she did 2 years ago? Probably no; they need fresh content, served with efficacy and flair now.

That is where your content strategy must incorporate the Call to Action or CTA tone. It usually comes at the end of an article or any content you post. When you give your audience a voice, they respond with equanimity. It has worked wonders for many established brands. In 2015, Twitter users trended the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance that seemingly chided the lopsided gender portrayal of the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment. It was a public outpouring of popular sentiment over a sensitive issue.

And it all started when WWE itself gave a CTA to its loyalists looking for suggestions and tips to improve.

In the end, Vince McMahon, WWE boss, and the other top brass members took cognisance of the trend and brought in more female wrestlers. The term ‘diva’ was scrapped; instead, the unisex term ‘performers’ was bought in.

The result? WWE’s ratings improved, and so did their bottom-line. The takeaway is a simple one: listening to your consumers is of grave importance in your business strategy.

  1. Use engaging content: Content is more than a series of words. It combines infographics, case studies, blog polls, FAQ and AMA sessions, photos, guides, Q&As, webinars and a lot more. Only when you master the entire spectrum of these factors do you eventually scratch the surface of digital marketing.

Your content should appeal to your readers. It must make them feel empowered and featured. Moreover, it should also reflect your working strategy in a way where you do not showcase all your cards at once; you always keep an ace up your sleeve. To engage more readers, you need to keep a careful eye on which posts are read most widely. Accordingly, frame your content strategy.

Also, noteworthy is the fact that you must reduce your site’s bounce rate, an SEO term which reflects how long a user stays on your website before jumping ship. Keeping all these metrics at your fingertips is necessary.

  1. Invest more in digital marketing: Content marketing is just one aspect of your overall marketing plan. An example will suffice here: if you own a healthcare website that provides news and updates on medicines and general health, you have to invest to retain greater patient engagement. Studies show how most people look for updated and current information.

To create a working digital marketing strategy, you must pay attention to all manners of updates in your field; healthcare and medicine in this case. Never inundate the reader with out-dated information and articles, and overuse of jargon is a strict no-no. To that end, use fresh content regularly with the most trending topics. Try and connect with your audience on a B2B level as well as on a personal level. It is tough, but not impossible. Once you optimise your site for more mobile-friendly usage, your readers will keep coming back. The takeaway: keep things simple but customer-centric!

  1. Weave a yarn: Post content that tells a story. Make your readers feel wanted, and always give them extra. Spin a tale to attract and retain their attention. Your brand strategy should focus on keeping your readers hooked till the last sentence, reading along till they finally yield to your argument and nod their heads in agreement.

It does not mean that you need to post literary masterpieces, of course. Research, polished language, a gift of the gab, a grasp of modern lingo and a firm pen are all it takes. It has always been that way. For example, Coca Cola which, cynics say, basically sells sweet and fizzy water, has been in existence for so many years now without once getting stale.

How do they manage it? Their brand strategy is reinvention. If you go through Coca Cola’s numerous advertising campaigns over the years, you will see how they have evolved and managed to remain ‘cool’ and in vogue.

A stylistic upper hand always helps in creating marketable content. To further your digital marketing strategy, you can always choose a professional content writing agency.

All of these might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get off the blocks, you will see, it gets easier with time. Practice is a great teacher and patience a great friend. Unleash your creativity in your content marketing strategy. Then, watch your fruits of labour sprout.

Local Listing – What Difference Does It Make If You Go for Google Ranking?

Creating, editing, and most importantly, updating – Google listing is neither that difficult nor trivial and yet many of you business people miss out on it.


Google ranking is what you care about at the end of the day, and you do want to see yourself soaring high on the SEO ladder! Well, if that is the case, then you might well buckle up and start your Google business listing right away.

Why add business to Google?

Remember when you were kiddo and had a shiny new toy car and couldn’t wait to show it to your school friends the next day?

You did not shy away because you wanted to be seen and that is exactly what holds for brands today. Visibility is crucial for you folks, making Google SEO optimization, a viable marketing tool for you.

You have to be where your lead base or people, in general, are right now!

In fact, if you must know, about 84% of today’s consumers utilize their tablets/ computers for searching for local businesses.

  • Increased customers & sales

34% of customers who seek out any business via local searches visit the physical location for real. 18% of the local searches lead one purchase per day.

All of these data sums up the fact that the more easily your business gets found by your users online, the more sales you have. Google listing, therefore, enhances your website traffic eventually boosting your customer numbers to a large extent.

  • Website SEO improved

Google SEO optimization is what you must adhere to if you want plausibility in the search engine ranks. Google’s algorithms help this search engine to look across the web for locating information on a specific business.

As your business gets listed online in many places, Google collects more information about you and helps you to show up much above in the Google ranking.

  • Exposure boost

Thousands of apps, as well as directories, are present today from where users can procure the business information they want. However, they find it easier to look for any particular local business on search engines like Google. These directories build a database by crawling on the web and rely to a considerable extent upon Google for gathering more information.

This means that many suggestions which a user finds on these smaller apps and directories have come up owing to their Google listing. Updating your listing on this mega giant of a search engine where you add business to Google, therefore, provides you with a more pronounced exposure in such apps.

Google ranking made right!

By being accurate on the listing, Google deems you trustworthy and makes you pop up when a customer searches for a local business. Painting a wholesome picture on search engines brings consistency to your SEO ranks as the more information you provide, the credible with a source Google believes you are.

So, this year, do your needful by being accurate and updated to this search engine so that it can do its job of making you more visible.

Social Media Marketing will Stay – Know Why!






And the list of the many social media channels that have grasped the millennials continues. Social media marketing is a catch term now and why wouldn’t it be? Going viral on these channels and becoming a sensational brand is what appeals to many marketers today

Here’s why social media for business proves to be so crucial:

1.Clients on social sites

This is perhaps the best reason for you to do branding on social media channels because most of your customers spend a hell lot of time there. In fact, as per the recent market survey, 70% of the U.S. people are online on at least one of the popular social sites. Moreover, it is expected that by 2019, social media user count will go to a whopping number of 3 billion.

2.Consumers are more receptive

There is a reason why social media marketing strategies are a must for your business. Users on these networks are more dynamic to approach. So, branding on these channels shows your fun and quirky side allowing you to market your service/product effortlessly.

3.Increased brand recognition

A perk of marketing through social media networks is an increased boost to your brand’s visibility. Your business profile gets articulated in a lucid manner allowing your brand content to present your voice and brand image immaculately. You get to add value to your brand identity, and thus, experience an enhanced recognition here.

Social media WILL stay!

We are all living in an interconnected world where marketing in the digital space proves truly effective for building a sustainable brand. Social media for business is a pertinent tool where you get to project your brand persona by putting yourself out there!

Social media builds your brand –

The channels work like marketing incentives where your brand breathes to grow. Here, you get to form a digital portfolio where regular sharing of your brand content in a relevant manner will make your brand noteworthy. You get to be projected as a trustworthy brand catering great services to your target audience.

Engaging in the first impression –

Here, you can easily foster discussion like invigorating sessions by posting questions or brand stories in an imperative manner. Playing an active role on these platforms gives you a healthy chance to expand your social networks, connecting with potential leads and therefore, building strong brand equity.

Recommendations sorted –

Facebook offers every user a feature which lets them ask for a recommendation in their locality. If you see a user asking for such local tips in your newsfeed, bank in right then! You see a unique kind of algorithm works on this platform which recognizes recommendation request.

Social media marketing is essentially your best bud if you want to see your marketing game soar high. Today, it is all about CONNECTING with the right people who will understand your brand position and help indirectly to enhance it in future.

With a vibrant social marketing strategy that had changed and is still transforming the dynamism of the marketing sector, you do know that this marketing shenanigan will stay!

In-House Marketing VS Agency Marketing: Which One is Better?

After travelling through the plateaus of a business cycle, there comes the point when an organisation has to ask itself: is it better to seek agency marketing solutions, or will our in-house marketing team suffice?

It is an important question and has been repeated often. A definitive answer is, however, impossible to provide as a digital marketing agency has to balance several options to arrive at a proper decision.

That leads us to an impasse: which is the best option? Well, here is a dispassionate and nuanced look at the aspects of each choice, as far as digital marketing services are concerned. It relies on several surveys and words of wisdom from several CEOs.

In-house marketing vs agency marketing

To reach a consensus, a notional idea of the two parties involved is a must-have. In-house marketing involves people who work for your organisation currently and can be drawn from various departments at short notice. An agency hires professional marketers and their expert advice.

Based on value added in total, each party holds some cards. Here’s how they compare.

Skillset-based competition

In-house team:

When you hire professionals for your own organisation, they come up with a digital marketing strategy which is consistent with your organisation’s goals. That is because they are familiar with a company’s fundamentals and objectives.

You can pick and choose from your own digital marketing services team to create a truly diverse and responsive unit.

Agency marketing:

They are professionals and bring with them an objective outlook, not to mention a fresh perspective.

While individuals may not be more skilled per se, the skill set tends to be more diverse, especially in pure marketing.

Verdict: A tie, but a digital marketing strategy often needs reworking, and an external agency can hold an edge.

Creativity-based competition

In-house team:

Creative people get bored easily. You have to be extra judicious when picking your team for your own company. Favouritism cannot outweigh merit.

Besides, your organisation’s employees know what to expect from the authorities and what they expect in return. That way, they know precisely what to deliver.

Agency marketing:

Agencies bring with them a broader understanding of your industry niche and also of your direct competitors.

Verdict: Agency marketing is the clear winner here, as they can bring a fresh and broader perspective. While it may cost your organisation more, they bring with them better advantages.

Adaptability-based competition

In-house team:

You know who your team members are and what gels them together. Since they work in the same office, they are adaptable to shorter deadlines and tight budgets. You can always prioritise which tasks need more attention and which can wait for later.

Lastly, in-house teams know each other and may work better in the company of colleagues than that of strangers.

Agency marketing:

Such agencies are professionals and are highly adaptable, to say the least. Your company hierarchy has to take a call.

A digital marketing agency may also have other clients, which may force them to depreciate the emergency challenges your business throws up.

Verdict: A marketing agency is better off with an in-house team in this instance.

Overall verdict

All said and done; there cannot be a one-size-suits-all solution to this problem. It is up to the people who run an organisation to decide whether to bring in outside help from a digital marketing agency or stick to in-house pros. It is an important decision a company needs to ponder upon at length before arriving at any reasonable conclusion

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