How to Develop Your Business with LinkedIn? The Ultimate Guide for Marketers

Social media is an active part of growing your business online. It is the ideal platform to gather a large audience and increase sales through higher lead generation. One of these social media apps is LinkedIn. It is a social media platform where you can build a vast network by connecting to like-minded people from all over the world. 

Marketing your business is a crucial step in taking your business to great heights. While the other social media platforms connect you directly to the people, Linkedin gives you a professional platform to market your business’ services or products.

The basics

As you step on the Linkedin platform to get online consumers to your business, there are some things you should keep in mind. Whether you are starting your business from ground level or have an established business, your success lies in your creativity, bringing you many consumers.

  • Complete your page: When you build your business profile on Linkedin, you should fill in all the details to complete your profile. If your page says that your profile is incomplete, then you need to complete it to 100% because this can bring you more profile followers. 
  • Add company logo: On your business profile page, you should also add your company logo along with all the other details. A page with a company logo helps in brand recognition for your page. 
  • Include keywords: While completing your profile or adding content on your page, you should make sure to use the relevant keywords and links in every post. This will directly specify the nature of your products and services.
  • Add your contact information: The contact details section of your LinkedIn profile is where the followers will look, in case they are interested in buying your brand’s products or services. This is also important because they have no other means to contact you. Make sure your profile is public.
  • Connect the company’s employees to the page: Whether you are having 5 or 500 employees in your company, you need to ask them to mention the company’s name in their employment section of Linkedin. The more employees your business will get, the more you will be able to connect to their connections.
  • Keep sharing something: You need to be active on your business page, even if you do not have anything exciting or important to communicate. With the constant sharing of posts, your page will be recognized by the people, and they will remember your company’s name in the long run.

Try SEO Tactics

If you are a blogger or have some basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation 9SEO), then it’s a great advantage for you as LinkedIn is the biggest search engine platform. However, SEO alone cannot bring your company’s page to many followers or consumers. Conversion optimization is also as crucial as SEO. To optimize your Linkedin page follow the steps:

  1. Write a compelling welcome message.

The welcome message is the first thing that every visitor reads on your page. If this message is drab and dull, then none of your potential customers will scroll further down.

  1. Don’t stuff your page with unnecessary things.

People tend to add a lot of posts on their page. It is good to know that you have many skills, but in the sea of your customers’ news feed, they may miss out on your main skills. Try not to overcrowd your page with excess unnecessary information.

  1. Add a relevant cover image.

Most of the people do not upload any cover image for their Linkedin profile. They will be losing that small space made for marketing. Every business page should include a cover image that will specify their service or products. The cover image should state your work and evoke the visitor’s interest in your page. 

  1. Engage the audience right for your page.

Your profile should be made, keeping in mind the people who are your target audience. If your connections are professionals, then you need to post content that can draw their attention towards your page. Your brand can become famous if your posts cater to their interests.

  1. Mention your experience.

It is well known that experience brings more opportunities and great pay. The same rule applies to your business profile page. Your brand’s Linkedin page is your online resume. The more experience you add, the more business opportunities you will receive.

  1. Target the right size of businesses and clients.

You need to target the size of the businesses that are your target audience. If you are posting any advertisement which deals with a specific group of companies, then you change the settings to make this ad visible to these pages alone. This is where you need to decide the best posts for your target audience.

Effective Ways of Advertising which Work

Advertising today is not just confined to publishing an article in the newspaper or creating a TV commercial. It has spread its wings to the virtual world as well. The digital world offers ease to the customers to shop online for a particular product they are looking for. Before paying out their hard-earned money, the buyers make sure they have all the essential details about the product which they find out through the various advertisements or web-commercials. With virtual marketing, the seller can easily reach out to a wide range of consumers. The marketing campaigns further helps the seller to draw buyers more effectively and creatively.

Rush Republic is a 360-degree solution provider for brand design, brand marketing, and digital marketing. Here at Rush Republic, we offer end to end marketing and design solutions. We stand out because we try to understand the all-round needs of our clients and deliver long-lasting solutions in a dynamic landscape. With a deep understanding of the requirements, we can create a massive impact on our customers’ bottom line with our collaborative approach.

Some practical ways of advertising are:


To make your company stand out from your competitors, the first essential step is proper branding. A well-designed logo, a user-friendly website, and presence in relevant social media platforms is the key to promoting your brand. Maintaining consistency in your brand’s image and the message that it conveys will give the much-needed credibility to your company.

Create a Tagline

Tag lines will give your brand a good name in the competitive market. A one-line catchy description of your product could help in gaining popularity. Tag lines should be strong enough to attract customers towards your product. A unique selling proposition makes your product reliable for the customers to buy.

Social Media

Ensure to create your brand’s social media handle on different social networking platforms. This helps to reach a wider audience. Create the brand’s social media handle on various platforms that will help you reach a wider audience. The best thing about the brand page should be the content that will give people relevant information about your brand. Be responsive to customers and their queries; this will help your company gain a reputation and leave a positive impact on the customer.

Mobile Advertising

With mobile being a handy gadget, mobile advertising will have a tremendous impact on society. The key to mobile advertising is to keep your website optimized. Your website should be running smoothly on various devices and should be presentable to the viewers to grab their attention. SMS service is another useful and affordable way of mobile advertising.

Make an offer which is not refusable

Bargaining is a part of a buyer-seller relationship, so offering the customer a good deal will draw them back to your brand. Whenever you provide an unbeatable price, buy one, get one offer, free trials, or shipping for free deals, your customers will get attracted to this immediately. After introducing an irresistible offer, make sure you advertise it loud and proud. This will give your customers a difficult time resisting it.

Tell the customers what benefits they have

Tell the customers about the benefits they will have of purchasing your product or services. This will be a good way of increasing your sale. Along with the features of products and services, the explaining of benefits will crack the real deal. After all, people are more interested in what they will gain from your services.

Make a Risk-Free Offer

People are afraid of scams while making a purchase. Offer them a deal that they could not resist and feel comfortable to pay out to. If they fear they will lose their hard-earned money on something which isn’t worth it, they are unlikely to purchase your product. They always have these doubts that the products would be of cheap quality, but if you make these doubts clear enough and give people an incentive, they would surely give your product a try. If customers know that their money would be refunded if they are not satisfied with the product or service, they would be less concerned about wasting money and are more likely to try your products. It is a superb idea to offer a risk-free deal. Knowing there is no risk of getting scammed and having nothing to lose by purchasing your product or service is a compelling purchase tactic.

Give Reasons to Try Your Product Now:

Give people limited time offers, so they try your products right now. Giving discounts or free trials for a fixed period can make people want to try out your products or services right at that moment. When people see a particular advertisement, they think to give it a try later and often forget getting too caught up in their lives. So it’s better to encourage people to try your services right then rather than later. Throwing out offers which last for some hours or days make people excited, and they won’t want to miss out on such fabulous deals, so they will act in the heat of the moment and try out your services.

Add Testimonials

People are concerned, especially when they are spending on something online. You need to build that trust in your product and services so they can rely on you and your company. Showing previous sales to the customers from people who have been pleased with your services and products is the right choice. People trust other customers and want to hear what they say regarding the company and its products. Adding a testimonial or two to your advertisements is a great way to increase your sales.

Extraordinary Graphics

Plain text and background do not work anymore with the customers in this modern era. They are always looking for something new and exciting, which would catch their attention instantly. Visual content plays a significant impact when you are advertising your products. People do not want to read basic stuff that is written in an advertisement. Instead, they look for something exciting and new for them. You can add pictures and use content that grabs the consumer’s attention. Importing graphics is an excellent way to up your advertising game and would lead potential buyers to try out your services and products.

This article curates the list of effective and productive ways for advertising your products and services to level up your marketing strategies, giving potential customers reasons for trying out your services. Proper advertising is an essential aspect for lasting in the competitive market, and it helps you stand out from your competitors and stay ahead of the game.

How to get more leads on Social Media: 5 Important steps to follow.

Top brands across the globe have tried using social media to their advantage. While digital networking platforms follow a trend known as crowd culture, it is evident that some market leaders have successfully used social media to generate leads for their company. Leads primarily refer to the potential buyers that you meet and interact with online. Every brand aims to create leads for revenue generation. Continue reading ahead to learn about the 5 critical steps that you must follow for excellent marketing ideas on social media.

Why should you choose social media?

Though you know that social media is a fantastic choice as a marketing platform, have you considered why it is the best? Well, to begin with, social media is an indelible part of everyone’s lives where they can share photos, videos, status updated, and ask viewers for their opinions and suggestions. It helps them interact. According to primary search data, 20% of business owners have replaced traditional email communication with social media updates. Additionally, almost 23% of digital users spend their time online reading blogs and social media updates.

According to Sales for Life, 61% of B2B marketers use social media to increase lead generation. Emails are great means of communication but have now become an outdated model because, firstly, not everyone checks their mails all day. And secondly, emails are not location-specific, so they lose their impact.

Top 5 strategies to generate leads on social media.

  1. Content is indeed the king.

You must remember that viewers crave content. When you post an advertisement, photo, or video on your social media handles, it must be something meaningful. One of the best ways of doing this is via internal linking or hyperlinking. For example, when you send an email to your users or post a video on your Facebook handle, the content must have an internal link to the relevant products and services. Clicking on the link must redirect your potential buyers to a page where they can place an immediate order. Since people often complain of having a busy schedule, they do not have the time first to read your post and then separately search for you.

  1. Switch to a business account and use paid ads.

You must switch your general account to a business account on Facebook because it helps you to not only look more professional but also enables buyers to get instant contact information. There is an exceptional service on the networking site that allows you to opt for paid ad boosting services. All you need to do is select a package, and your ads will become location-specific and language-specific. Since Facebook owns Instagram, the latter has a similar feature and outline. Please note that these are better suited for B2C transactions.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is more suited for B2B transactions, and according to research conducted by QuickSprout, 45% of LinkedIn marketers have gained consumers from the platform. To conclude, social media campaigns can prove to be a boon for your business expansion and growth.

  1. Have you considered a live event?

Now, you must be wondering what kind of a live event you should host? Well, there are multiple options that you can choose from. Firstly, you can host a regular live event where someone from the managing team comes online and starts a live video. Here, you can treat it as an ice-breaking moment and get friendly with your buyers. You can start with small talk leading to brand publicity. Leads will ask you questions that you answer.

On the other hand, you can host tutorial videos and webinars where you teach something to your buyers. For example, if your brand sells face scrubs, you can host a webinar related to beauty tips and skincare. Accordingly, you can market your product and generate leads.

  1. Referral codes can give dual benefits.

One of the most common methods of lead campaigns includes using referral codes. Essentially, you need to circulate a referral code to buyers on social media. When a buyer puts in the code while purchasing from your website, they get discounted rates. A leading brand that has done this successfully is Dominos. It also allows you to bundle your products and sell more.

  1. Get selling on social media!

Last but not least, how about selling your products directly on social media? Yes, it means that the buyers will no longer need to visit your website. It is simple to start an Instagram and Facebook business page where you can post your products, prices, and transaction details. The buyers can message you personally, and you can guide them about how to place the order. Or, you can also guide them to your website, depending on what suits your needs.

Social media is the perfect place to generate leads. However, you will be successful only if you are smart to use it to your benefit. These quick tips are tried and tested for your convenience.

tik tok marketing

All you need to know about TikTok marketing strategies

Every business owner is on the hunt for digital marketing strategies that can take the company to a new height of success. Contrary to the conventional methods of marketing, everything has now gone online. Social media marketing is one of the most sought after fields right now because everyone is always hooked to their phones, laptops, and tablets. Digital marketing strategies refer to the use of social networking sites and online portals to reach the target audience. A relatively new and successful app on the block is TikTok. Continue reading ahead to know about advertising on TikTok and how it can help you.

Why should you choose TikTok?

TikTok is a significant hit amongst the youth, and gradually, the older generations have also started making their appearance on it. The best thing about TikTok is that it has more than 500 million active users and subscribers. Earlier, and TikTok were separate apps that worked in different parts of the world. However, a collaboration between the two helped companies reach more people overnight. Recently, in 2019, the TikTok app launched its ad feature. Since then, big names such as Apple Music, Fenty Beauty, and Nike have used the app for their promotions. If you identify your target users and promote your business accordingly, then TikTok can give you a significant boost.

Considerations you must make when you choose TikTok.

Identify your target users effectively.

The first step of any advertising effort is to identify the target buyers and accordingly reach out to them. According to the latest statistics, approximately 66% of TikTok users are below the age of 30. Thus, it automatically becomes a right domain if you want to attract the youth. About 41% of users are aged between 16 and 24. If you are seeking ways to cater to the old audience, then this is not the place for you. Continue reading ahead to learn more about the TikTok marketing strategy. 

Be ready to compete with big brands!

Some of the top names that have already used advertising on TikTok to their advantage are Nike, Disney, and Grubhub. Thus, it becomes quite evident that you, too, need to compete against them to create a place for yourself. The best way to make it big on TikTok is via investment. Since TikTok ads are relatively new, it requires a specific premium investment. You can find more when you get started. Now, let’s explore the different steps that you need to take for advertising on TikTok.

How to create advertisements on TikTok?

Create an ads account

Firstly, you need to create an ads account. When you log on to the official webpage of TikTok, you will see a banner that asks you to click to create ads. Since TikTok ads are yet in the beta stage, please note that it is not entirely online, however. You will be sent to a pop-up page where you need to fill in critical details. After you have submitted the form, a customer care executive will get in touch with you. It may take up to 48 hours for someone to call or revert. Rest assured, your marketing campaign will start soon.

How about the ad campaign?

After you have set up your ads account, you need to start working on the campaign itself. Visit the ads dashboard and click on the drive. Then, you need to select the budget that you are willing to invest in and the main objective of your digital marketing strategies. Thus, you can choose from options such as conversion or traffic. The TikTok algorithms will work accordingly and help you to create a compelling visual ad. Please note that advertising on TikTok requires your daily and total advertising budget to be at least $500.

Time to get specific with your ad campaign!

Targeting is the key to ensure the success of your TikTok marketing strategy. You can select your viewers and the places where you wish to run your ad. For example, the TikTok family is rather big and includes names such as Vigo Video (India only), BuzzVideo, and the News Republic. Moreover, if you are unsure about the target placement, then TikTok can assist you by automatically placing your ads at the right location. Once this is done, you can quickly enter the visuals that you want to run and also include up to 20 keywords about your services and domain.

Optimize your TikTok ads.

Last but not least, you must optimize your TikTok ads. You can include a call to action button, start TikTok challenges, and schedule the number of times you want your ad to run, the budget, the visibility, and everything else on the app. You can also use the built-in TikTok tools. One of the most common ones is the Video Creation Kit.

Thus, thinking of an effective TikTok marketing strategy is the key to excel in the present digital world. Once you get on to the domain, you will learn a lot more with practical knowledge.

A complete guide to Social Media Analytics

Before you delve into understanding social media analytics, you must understand the meaning of social media. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are some commonly used apps across the globe. With millions of active users, social media has become an inevitable part of everyone’s lives. Coming to social media analytics, it refers to an analysis of the present market trends and how influential posts are on each platform. When you have this pocket guide on social media analytics, you get a complete guarantee that you will be able to make your posts reach a broader base of audience.

Components of social media analytics:

  • Sentiment analysis

Sentiments are a major driving force that influences your online viewership. It is straightforward to understand what is trending on social networking platforms. But is it a good thing or a bad thing? Are people supporting it, or are they against it? Sentiment analysis tools help you to get a clear understanding. With this understanding, you can initiate campaigns according to your target’s sentiments. It is the perfect opportunity to gain loyal followers and mass support.

  • Audience analysis

What is the point of posting on social media if you fail to establish an audience base? While you need to study your present followers, you also need to identify untapped sections of viewers. With the help of audience analysis tools, you can find what interests people. For example, if you are promoting a new restaurant, then you can find the food lovers in the location and target them for marketing. You can identify pages and online platforms where they are most active and reach out to them effectively.

  • Social metrics

Social metrics was earlier the essential part of social media analytics. However, it is now a smaller yet significant factor. In simple terms, social metrics refers to counting the number of responses that a post gets online. It refers to the number of likes, retweets, shares, views, and comments. Imagine a situation when your online post was earlier getting 500 views, but it suddenly goes up to 5000. Then, you can analyze how this has happened, what will be the impact on your company, and other ways of growth.

  • Social listening

Social listening refers to direct contact with your viewers. You understand what they want and then cater to their desires online. When you post anything online, it must have a conversational tone. It means you can ask questions, opinions, and suggestions. There is a high possibility that a promotional sound may not be as effective as a more friendly tone. You can also organize fun activities to keep the viewers engaged on your page.

  • Competitive benchmarking

How wonderful would it be to understand what your competitor is doing! Well, this is possible with the power of digital media. Competitive benchmarking means that you can apply social media analysis tools to your company and also your competitors. In a shell, it means that you have all the relevant information about your competitors at your fingertips. You can indulge in a more in-depth examination and then follow their trends if anything has worked in their favor. It is also a platform to learn from their mistakes and avoid them.

  • Image analysis

Images are the core of your social media campaigns. While you can analyze the success of your campaigns via social media analysis tools, you can also understand the efficacy of particular images. If a specific post is getting more viewership, then you know the image or copy line is working wonders. Image sharing has become a significant crowd-puller in modern-day social media use, so, it is essential to track the same.

Thus, social media analytics is a beneficial tool for everyone who wishes to increase their social media presence. Combining the components stated above, you get the perfect solution for online excellence. No individual or company can grow without media outreach in the present times. Consumers are sophisticated, but companies can easily understand mass behavior with social media analytics. To conclude, social image monitoring of the brand is another feather in the cap that you must cherish.

How to use Social Media for PR? A complete Guide

Social media and PR have one common goal- to create a positive and lucrative brand image. With the similarity in their core use, interlinking the two to get optimum marketing results is not unthinkable. Social media has blurred the lines between two separate yet related concepts- traditional marketing and public relations. Due to this, many are confused about how to use social media for promotion activities. So, here we have six ways you can incorporate social media into your PR initiatives.

  1. Interlinking press releases and social media

The press release is one of the most common ways that a brand lets its audience, customer, and the world know its latest news and development. Before the advent of social media, newspapers, and TV were the primary sources for press releases. However, it required a certain amount of connection with the journalists to ensure the publishing of the news. When it did, seldom does the company has control over what is being conveyed.

Social media turns the table by allowing brands to take the news directly to its audience without third-party involvement. PR managers should use social media for promotion of businesses by uploading press releases as blogs with sharing buttons and share the same across social media accounts. Doing so lets the audience feel closer to the brand and helps the said brand to reach more people instantly.

  1. Establishing a voice

In the world of social media, nothing is more important than having a unique voice that people would want to hear. As a brand, establishing a tone for your social media account is imperative. One can do this by selecting the format of posts, based on the company’s ideals and products, published on the handles.

For instance, if you are a B2B service provider, you would do better using social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, over others. The posts on these handles can range from commentary on a new development in the field to announcements regarding your company. This is not to say you cannot use media like Instagram or Twitter, but you would need to tailor your posts accordingly.

  1. Forming connections and relationships

Building relationships is what social media does the best. When using social media for promoting businesses, PR managers can effectively connect with journalists and media outlets without the traditional cat-and-mouse game. When done right, brands can have a give-and-take relationship with journalists.

On the other hand, social media’s use in PR activities is also useful to do one of the most important marketing move- building relationships of trust and respect with customers and audience. Through regular posts on topics relevant to targeting your target audience, a brand can build a favorable image in a customer’s mind.

  1. Influencers, celebrities, and ambassadors

Getting someone to endorse a product is the most commonly used marketing and social media strategy for PR. At present, so many brands rely on influencers, celebrities, and ambassadors to get their products out there in the world. Such a form of marketing benefits a company two-fold: 1. They can reach a wider audience, and 2. They will have loyal customers if the products they sell are excellent.

Using social media handles, PR managers can reach out to their audience for ambassadors and research the influencer domain to know who can help the brand.

  1. Damage control plans

Reputation is necessary for a company, and one of the best uses of using social media for promoting businesses is the ease of managing brand reputation and image. The internet is fickle, and at any point in time, a brand may end up offending its audience with the silliest of mistakes. In such situations, social media is a platform that will be useful in conveying heartfelt apologies that can go a long way towards building positive relationships with customers.

  1. All hands on the deck

When it comes to a social media strategy for PR, an all-hands-on-the-deck approach is the best one a brand can adopt. Simply putting up entertaining posts on your handles will not gain brand loyalty. For someone to feel a sense of loyalty, they need to have a personal relationship with the company.

The best way to achieve this is to include everyone behind the scenes in marketing campaigns and social media posts. For instance, a B2B company can have its CEO occasionally post a blog article or put up a LinkedIn post. Another way to do this is by including the behind-the-scenes of marketing campaigns. Doing so humanizes the brand in the eyes of its audience.

Using social media for promoting businesses is not a one-and-done task. It requires a brand to be regular and consistent with its efforts to reach its audience. The key is always the golden rule of marketing- Do to others as you would have them do to you.

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