5 B2B social media platforms every company should use in 2019 [Updated]

How crucial has social media become for a business? The answer is, as crucial as pouting has become for a selfie. According to a study, 83% of B2B marketers use social media. It has become every business’ go-to platform for staying ahead in the competitor league. Due to low costs, enhanced engagement opportunity, and excellent targeting capabilities, social media is preferred more compared to other marketing channels.

The awkward phase arises when you don’t know which platform is best suited for B2B companies. As much as you’d want to be on every platform, it isn’t sane to do so. You need to figure out where most of your target market lies, and get on those channels so that it would be suitable to target the relevant clients to do business.

Here, we’ve listed down the top 6 social media networks that every B2B organization should adopt for their business.

Source: B2B content marketing trends, North America.


LinkedIn, undoubtedly, takes the top spot on the list. If you are planning to start off with only one social media platform, make it this one. According to GetResponse, 44% of leads for B2B companies come from LinkedIn. Having 467 million professionals, it is one of the best platforms to gain information regarding your target market. LinkedIn is more than just jobs. You can connect with people, share blogs, articles, make contacts and build professional relationships. Also, B2B blogs get more traffic from LinkedIn when compared to Facebook and Twitter.


“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”- Forrester Research. One of the best video sharing platforms- YouTube, ranks as the fourth most important channel when it comes to distributing content. 73% of the B2B organizations have seen a tremendous rise in their ROI due to video content. A lot of internet users believe that demonstration videos or service reviews are helpful when making purchases. It is one of the best video search engines for B2B organizations that help increase engagement and grow their customer base.


American Express is one among the many B2B brands that have outshined their business using Twitter. Having increased its word count to 280, Twitter is a platform where you could show the users how creative you can get with your content in 280 words or less. Almost 70% of B2B marketers use this platform to launch their products/services. Also, link clicks to a website mentioned in the tweet are much higher on Twitter than any other platform.


Slideshare is the ‘silent watcher’ when it comes to content marketing. A lot of marketers haven’t tapped on its full potential yet because what they don’t know is that it receives 500% more traffic from business owners than most other social networking sites. It offers everything ranging from sharing presentations and videos to infographics and webinars. Slideshare also lets you analyze the reports to see what is working best for your business and what is not.


One important factor a marketer needs to understand is what type of platforms will work best for his business. Facebook is more functional for B2C businesses when compared to B2B businesses. According to Content Marketing Trends, North America, only 38% of B2B firms found Facebook effective in engaging their target market with relevant content. Facebook, in the majority, has a ‘vibrant’ audience compared to LinkedIn, where most people want to connect on a professional level.

Like there are different types of businesses, there are different channels of social media too. Choosing the wrong platform itself will drown your online presence in this highly competitive internet world. This makes it important for every business to take their pick wisely. It’s very simple- Pick, Create, and Engage! That is:

Pick the right platform. Create simple, yet significant content. Engage your audience.

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