10 effective marketing ways to market my business in 2020

Business owners are always on the lookout for excellent strategies to reach out to potential buyers online and off-line. With the world shifting base to a digital platform, you need to understand the exact changes and developments in the technological domain. Continue reading ahead to find 10 effective marketing ways to market my business in 2020.

  • Pay per click had to top this list.

Since you are looking for marketing ways online, you must already be aware of Google’s ad system that works on a pay per click. So let me skip the beginners’ information and come to the benefits you get. Since only pay when someone clicks on your ad, you get good value for conversions. Also, it is easy to set-up.

  • Social media advertisements have grown to become a necessity.

Do you know anyone who does not have a social account but is socially active in real life? Social media refers to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, and likewise. You can change your account to a business profile and opt for paid advertising services on the domains. Refer to online step-by-step guides on how to go about it.

  • Email marketing is not fading anytime soon.

Email marketing sounds like a thing from the past. But it is still alive. While most people do not read the entire email you send them; the key idea is to get them hooked right at the beginning. You must pay attention to create a strong subject line and opening statement. Convey the main crux as soon as possible and in as few words as possible. Since everyone has a hectic schedule, they usually glance through the promotion emails. Grab their interest!

  • Influencers are the new guides on the block.

You must have often seen Instagram influencers posting photos, videos, and reviews on their social media handles. That’s what we are referring to! Influencer market has emerged as a big field recently, and people with established 9 to 5 jobs are quitting to join this domain. What helps them to make money? Sponsors like you. Why do they have such a massive base of followers? Because these influencers are supposed, experts. When you collaborate with an influencer to market your products and services in 2020, you pay them for their wisdom and experience in the genre.

  • What are podcast ads?

You must be wondering how podcasts can help you? Well, it’s not the podcast but the person hosting it. Usually, people listen to a podcast because they have faith in the speaker and believe him. This is where you step in and use the speaker’s credibility to your advantage. But why will they help you? Because you sponsor their session. A little investment in the podcast can help you get many potential leads.

  • Make offers based on your buyers’ location.

Whenever you make an online offer, you must be location-specific. For example, if you offer a pair of free socks in an area of humid weather, it kind of defeats the entire pint. It is imperative to sell what the buyers need- focus on selling them solutions. Every consumer wishes to save money by opting for deals and package offers. Give them location-specific coupons and redeemable points. Sometimes, location-specific referral codes can also help you crack your way into the local market.

  • Video content has been driving everyone.

YouTube launched in 2005, and there has not been any turning back since then. It is quite effortless to create a YouTube channel and start posting. The trick lies in being active and getting the desired attention from viewers. One of the biggest drivers of online success in terms of video creation is humor. Additionally, emotional bits and BTS shots can also work in your favor. The idea is to connect with the audience. The newest kid here, TikTok, has been working exceptionally well and collaborated with brands such as Levis and OnePlus.

  • Organic web traffic plays a vital role.

This refers to the online viewers who see your website to find solutions to their queries. Here, your web page layout is quite critical. Additionally, you must ensure that your page ranks at the top of Google’s search results. Or at least, appears in the first five results. You see, people usually check only the first two to three results and then close the tab. The zero position is the target. Backlinks from other websites, SEO, and keyword placement influence your ranking.

  • Do people still listen to live TV and radio shows?

The present digital age has witnessed the growth of online show streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Voot, and Amazon Prime. Moreover, most of these sites have their customized phone apps that make it easy for viewers to see shows of their choices. However, this does not imply that no one is interested in live TV and radio shows anymore. While the radio continues to be a part of people’s car music systems, individual sections of the society are still likely to watch live TV shows at least once a week. Moreover, it is an excellent idea now because most brands have stopped doing it, so it helps you stand apart from the mainstream crowd.

  • Direct mail and print media are still impactful for specific target groups.

Print media refers to the newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and likewise that companies distribute and use as methods of advertisement. Now, here, you must understand that your target drives the medium you pick. If you are selling an item to someone over the age of 50 or someone older, they are more likely to be conventional and stick to the print media. On the other hand, direct mail may also be useful to drive customers to your website by sending them a catalog that they may read properly or scan through. According to statistics, 42.2% of the recipients make an effort to read or glance through the mails.

These are the top 10 effective marketing ways to market my business in 2020. While several companies have already implemented massive changes in the business and marketing models, it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf as well. All you needed were these growth policies up your sleeves!

How to get more leads on Social Media: 5 Important steps to follow.

Top brands across the globe have tried using social media to their advantage. While digital networking platforms follow a trend known as crowd culture, it is evident that some market leaders have successfully used social media to generate leads for their company. Leads primarily refer to the potential buyers that you meet and interact with online. Every brand aims to create leads for revenue generation. Continue reading ahead to learn about the 5 critical steps that you must follow for excellent marketing ideas on social media.

Why should you choose social media?

Though you know that social media is a fantastic choice as a marketing platform, have you considered why it is the best? Well, to begin with, social media is an indelible part of everyone’s lives where they can share photos, videos, status updated, and ask viewers for their opinions and suggestions. It helps them interact. According to primary search data, 20% of business owners have replaced traditional email communication with social media updates. Additionally, almost 23% of digital users spend their time online reading blogs and social media updates.

According to Sales for Life, 61% of B2B marketers use social media to increase lead generation. Emails are great means of communication but have now become an outdated model because, firstly, not everyone checks their mails all day. And secondly, emails are not location-specific, so they lose their impact.

Top 5 strategies to generate leads on social media.

  1. Content is indeed the king.

You must remember that viewers crave content. When you post an advertisement, photo, or video on your social media handles, it must be something meaningful. One of the best ways of doing this is via internal linking or hyperlinking. For example, when you send an email to your users or post a video on your Facebook handle, the content must have an internal link to the relevant products and services. Clicking on the link must redirect your potential buyers to a page where they can place an immediate order. Since people often complain of having a busy schedule, they do not have the time first to read your post and then separately search for you.

  1. Switch to a business account and use paid ads.

You must switch your general account to a business account on Facebook because it helps you to not only look more professional but also enables buyers to get instant contact information. There is an exceptional service on the networking site that allows you to opt for paid ad boosting services. All you need to do is select a package, and your ads will become location-specific and language-specific. Since Facebook owns Instagram, the latter has a similar feature and outline. Please note that these are better suited for B2C transactions.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is more suited for B2B transactions, and according to research conducted by QuickSprout, 45% of LinkedIn marketers have gained consumers from the platform. To conclude, social media campaigns can prove to be a boon for your business expansion and growth.

  1. Have you considered a live event?

Now, you must be wondering what kind of a live event you should host? Well, there are multiple options that you can choose from. Firstly, you can host a regular live event where someone from the managing team comes online and starts a live video. Here, you can treat it as an ice-breaking moment and get friendly with your buyers. You can start with small talk leading to brand publicity. Leads will ask you questions that you answer.

On the other hand, you can host tutorial videos and webinars where you teach something to your buyers. For example, if your brand sells face scrubs, you can host a webinar related to beauty tips and skincare. Accordingly, you can market your product and generate leads.

  1. Referral codes can give dual benefits.

One of the most common methods of lead campaigns includes using referral codes. Essentially, you need to circulate a referral code to buyers on social media. When a buyer puts in the code while purchasing from your website, they get discounted rates. A leading brand that has done this successfully is Dominos. It also allows you to bundle your products and sell more.

  1. Get selling on social media!

Last but not least, how about selling your products directly on social media? Yes, it means that the buyers will no longer need to visit your website. It is simple to start an Instagram and Facebook business page where you can post your products, prices, and transaction details. The buyers can message you personally, and you can guide them about how to place the order. Or, you can also guide them to your website, depending on what suits your needs.

Social media is the perfect place to generate leads. However, you will be successful only if you are smart to use it to your benefit. These quick tips are tried and tested for your convenience.

All that you need to know about Google Adwords campaign

Digital marketing has rapidly taken over the world, and marketers are always on the hunt for fresh opportunities online. Unlike the traditional methods of marketing, online portals have provided a massive platform to ad makers to reach out to potential buyers. One such portal is Google. Being the number one search engine in the world, Google allows brands to post ads. Referred to as Google ads, they help you to improve your presence, get more viewers, and increase your sales through potential leads.

What are Google Ads?

You must have often seen a row of ads on the sides of the screen when you are looking for some information on Google. These are known as Google Ads that any brand can post on the search engine. It is one of the most profitable ways of posting an ad because it follows a pay per click scheme. So, what primarily happens is that let’s suppose you are the posting company that has put up an ad. If I, being the user, clicks on the ad, watched the video on YouTube, or calls on the call to action number, only then you need to pay.

Most of the other business advertising services demand payment, irrespective of results. There is no guarantee that you will get leads or not. But Google Ads has completely transformed it. You can post ads in multiple forms, such as YouTube videos, text-based search ads, in-app mobile ads, graphic ads, and likewise. All you need to do is bid according to the different criteria and reach your target buyers. You can either place yourself in the search results or opt for display on networks under the Google banner.

What is the Google Adwords structure?

Now that you have understood what we are referring to, let’s get into details. There are three primary stages or categories that you must know.

Adwords account

You need to create an Adwords account first with a unique email address and password. It must also have the billing address and relevant details. Along with the billing information, you can also adjust the time zone from your account. Please note that the account must be registered under Gmail. Also, you cannot use one account to manage multiple Adword campaigns. Usually, the billing information is permanent. Thus, you must pay extra attention to it and opt for a credit payment or debit payment accordingly. You choose between manual and automatic payment.


The second level is the campaign stage, where you need to fix critical points such as the daily budget, the target language, the preferred venue, and the date when you want the campaign to end. You must already be aware of Google maps that can quickly detect your location at any time. The auto-detection is what helps Google push the ads according to your preferences. For example, if you target buyers in Spain, then you can show them your ads from any other part of the world. Don’t worry; Google will take care!

Ad group

Lastly, the ad group refers to keyword ads. Specific keywords can help you boost your online ad placement and engagement. The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a highly reliable tool to generate trending keywords. All you need to do is use them strategically. Digital marketing services can assist you.

What is Google Search Network?

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Think of a lazy afternoon when you feel like shopping online and search for the newest sunglasses. You get two types of search results. First, you get a list of “sponsored” and “ad” results. Following that, you get organic results. Placing your item and brand name in the first sponsored section is a type of Google Ad. After entering a query, the engine performs an auction. It identifies all those who have included the keyword in their ad.

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is commonly referred to as GDN. The GDN reaches more than 90% of internet browsers across the globe. You would be surprised to learn that there are over 2 million websites and pages under this wide banner of GDN. Some top sites to note are Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube. Similarly, it also includes mobile applications. What makes GDN so effective is that it instantly grabs the users’ attention. From a marketer’s perspective, it is beneficial because you can easily include essential information and keywords about your products and services.

A prerequisite to using Google Adwords is that you must ensure to have a high-quality landing page. All the traffic from the ad should be directed here. Moreover, you should highlight all the product features and advantages as clearly as possible. Search engine marketing can be a boon to growing your business if you know how to use it.

Decoding the best social media marketing campaigns of 2019

Social media is one of the most vital aspects of marketing. Campaigning through social media is an incredible way to make your entrepreneurship skills highlighted and to also become known on the internet. Digital marketing plays a significant role in growing your business and making it successful in increasing your sales or just becoming a popular and excellent entrepreneur. There is a plethora of social networking platforms in today’s era. It is necessary to set proper strategies and techniques for campaigning and promoting your business.

Social media marketing campaigns are the smartest ways for a beginner to start their journey in the field of entrepreneurship. You can opt for paid social campaigns or even the free ones, pick the best marketing campaigns to promote your business. With that said, we’ve come up with the perfect tactics for you to make your business more visible and known. Here are a few of the most alluring digital marketing trends that might catch your attention and also help you not only have a pleasurable marketing experience but will also help you improve your marketing tactics.

  1. Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is highly trending now. Artificial intelligence is said to be one of the biggest opportunities for many entrepreneurs and is going to rise in the next few years. Many companies are making use of artificial intelligence for activities like content creation, communication, and e-commerce transactions.

  1. Video digital marketing.

Making videos to promote your business is another way to grow your business. Videos are a great way to attract clients into what your business is all about. You can go live on sites such as Instagram and Facebook or even make YouTube videos.

  1. Marketing via influencers.

Influencers and bloggers are quite appealing to the audience. They know how to make their blogs engaging, hence influencer paid social campaigns are the best ways to enhance and expand your business.

  1. Social networking apps.

With the rapid development of Social Media, everything is quite easy. Social media is an incredible platform if you make smart use of it. Many entrepreneurs have become globally known today due to Social Media. Almost everybody makes use of social media due to which you have a good chance of promoting your business to a great extent.

  1. Story marketing on social media.

Again, this is the best way of using social media. Many trending platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and snap chat have a story feature with which you can put up captivating stories to attract your clients and buyers. Posting stories is a very time conserving yet effective method that many entrepreneurs use.

  1. Content marketing for SEO.

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of improving your business. Not only is it cost-friendly, but it also works wondrously in catching people’s attention. Content marketing is handy for small and big corporations.

  1. Social posts.

E-commerce and Internet platforms like twitter are trending big time. Many brands are making use of these platforms to benefit themselves by promoting their brands through posting posts. Moreover, brands have taken one step ahead in posting posts that help in shopping through the same site making it more convenient to buy online and also save time.

  1. Predictive Analytics.

Augmented Analytics is a method of practicing data mining. The technique of data mining is also used in predictive analysis and intelligent retrieval that helps in predicting the future through copious techniques.

  1. UGC.

User-generated content is an active resourcing service for many entrepreneurs and marketers who are mainly looking to be fit from the GenZ markets. You can motivate your clients to produce alluring and distinctive content by providing them with incentives like discounts. You can even partner with them for better chances of profiting your business.

  1. Deep learning.

The field of Big data is said to be multiplying. This news is pretty much a bonus for marketers. If you know how to make the proper use of big data, you can have the most easing and powerful marketing experience. Many corporations struggle with Big data, so making use of big data will undoubtedly be beneficial.

  1. Smart speakers.

Voice search has been used to an extensive amount today. Many companies have begun to work on their marketing strategies thoroughly to gain maximal success. Voice search is an excellent method of marketing and providing your company details via audio.

Applying the above-mentioned techniques can help you take your business to a whole new level of success. Using apps like Pinterest and Twitter for marketing will come handy. Campaigning via social networking platforms and using techniques like conversational marketing and personalized marketing will help you stay unique yet interesting.

10 Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2020

Marketing is the singular difference that can take a brand to its heights. It isn’t unknown that your marketing strategy matters a great deal. An inefficient marketing strategy is one that causes no profits but may incur losses.

2019 has been a year of dreams and endless ideas when it comes to marketing. 2020 is going to be no less. There will be a gazillion marketing trends that may steal your attention; you must spend your attention on the best ones.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 marketing trends for 2020:

  1. E-shopping but better– E-commerce has been here for a couple of years now. However, E-commerce combines with social media is a powerful magic potion. If you have scrolled through your Instagram recently, you would have noticed several products on your feed, with tags on them. If you click on those products, the digital price tag appears; you can even buy them from within Instagram. The lucrative part about social media platforms like Instagram is their visual appeal. Instagram Commerce and its in-app checkout feature are revolutionary in its own way. This is one of the most lucrative business marketing trends right now.
  1. Push those notifications– Newsletters are a thing of the past. Nobody checks their mail or scours through those boring newsletters anymore. Consumers want reminders they can check easily without the effort. This is where push notifications come in. They’re an attractive marketing strategy to make sure your consumers get daily updates without having to move a finger. Research shows that web push notifications are twice as likely to rope in customers than email newsletters. The new year is here, and with it, all old marketing trends must go! Ditch the tiresome newsletter and get on with the program.
  1. Voice searches are the new thing– “Alexa, play me that song.” Voice searches ruled 2019. Speaker devices like Echo, Alexa, have been passionately accepted by the masses. They’ve been used for grocery shopping, finding songs, looking up addresses, random queries, shopping for special items, etc. Naturally, they found their way into e-commerce. Thirty-six million smart speakers were purchased this year alone. There’s a lot of potential when it comes to smart speakers, and it’s time that companies realized this growing business marketing trend.
  1. Lens it!– You already know about Google Lens. Since then, multiple Lenses have popped up. CamFind lets you search for products by simply clicking their pictures. Pinterest has jumped on this bandwagon too. The Pinterest Lens has carved its niche as it recognizes a booming 2.5 million products. Pinterest Lens is so prevalent that there have been 600 million searches for products. The appealing thing about Lenses is that you can simply look up the products you wish to buy, without any hassle. This is an unavoidable business marketing trend.
  1. Love thy employees– Customers don’t interact with the face of the brand. They interact with the employees at best. If the employees aren’t productive, efficient, polite, and smart to lead, your sales will probably be off. Brands say that most consumers wouldn’t buy from a company if they don’t get satisfying customer service. Employee engagement is a smart marketing strategy.
  1. Influence the influencers– Influencers get paid for promoting products on their social media feeds. They are an alternative to expensive celebrities. Not only will their hundreds of thousands of followers see your products being used/applied by/on them, but they’ll also find influencers to be more relatable than a big-screen star.
  1. AI paves the way– Artificial Intelligence has crept its way into e-commerce. Chatbots are being used by almost every big company. Even small businesses do not ignore this particular marketing Chatbots answer FAQs, give quick updates, no customer is put on hold, and is an efficient way to address queries.
  1. It’s time to get personal Personalize your brand. Take a cue from Amazon, Netflix, Flipkart, and hyper personalize the consumer experience. The experience you build for your consumers should be tailored and curated for their specific needs. This makes them feel noticed, appreciated, and understood.
  1. Blockchain technology for marketing– Blockchain has been around for quite some time now. It eliminates the necessity for a third-party verification system. A marketing strategy that includes blockchain technology will be paving the way to direct commerce. Only the parties involved shall exchange money/goods without third-party meddling.
  1. Omnichannel is everywhere Omnichannel marketing is precisely what the name suggests. You use all the platforms to send across a unique message that resonates with your objectives. Daily use of omnichannel marketing is when you get an SMS for an unpurchased item in your shopping cart, and then ads for the same item start popping on other platforms you visit.

To skyrocket your brand awareness and lead in the e-commerce industry, you have to update your marketing strategy in compliance with these business marketing trends. With people living their lives online, e-commerce marketing is the need of the hour.

Effective ways to use Colours in Advertising

Effective ways to use Colours in Advertising

Colours have a powerful impact on people’s mind and behaviour. Our brain uses colours to recognize traits about products and the brands that produce them. The associations our brains make with certain colours are key to bridging the gap between effective marketing materials and their target audiences. Colours speak a language words just can’t replicate. That is, they communicate with us on an emotional level. Colours should be used in contrast to reduce eye strain and to make it more attractive and appealing to the reader so that they can focus their on specific items. The use of bright colours leads to an energetic feeling which results in a better evoke response from the user.

Use of singular colour in various shades and hues. It tends to be very easy with the eye, and is frequently employed online.it is implemented if one desires a sleek or minimalistic look to the product.

Use of two colour from the opposite end of the colour wheel is pleasing to eyes and most common in print media, it is implemented if one desire to use a wider range of colours. Use of three colours is equally spaced on the colour wheel. This tends to give a harmonious effect; it is implemented to desire a bolder effect.

Colour can be the sole reason for a customer to purchase a product. A product’s colour can convince us that it tastes fresher than the same product with a different colour. 85 percent of consumers cite colour as the primary reason for choosing which products to buy. Additionally, up to 90 percent of impulse decisions about products are based solely on the products’ colours. According to colour psychology researchers, 42 percent of consumers form their opinions of websites based on the sites’ designs, with colour contributing more to their opinions than any other factor. And 52 percent of the time, poor colour choice and other inferior design choices send users off a website, never to return.


Blue is typically regarded as a masculine colour, calmness, tranquillity, refreshing, stability, responsibility, peace, relaxation, sadness. Blue is a popular colour for banks because it communicates authority and stability, values consumers expect from people who handle their money.


Green is best for calm, mature and professional brands. In fact, it is known to lower blood pressure and heart rate in viewers. Green reminds many people of the recycling logo, which makes it perfect for any brand that advertises itself as eco-friendly or organic. It’s also a great choice for a spa because it emphasizes the soothing, renewing experience the client expects from a day at the spa.  Green stimulates harmony in your brain and encourages a balance leading to decisiveness.


Purple is mystical, mysterious and sensual. A purple brochure plays into thoughts of wealth and luxury while reminding readers of the Purple Heart.


Red is an attention-grabbing, vibrant, hot colour that is generally associated with passion, high energy, love, warmth, fire, warfare, anger, danger, confidence. A dating service that specializes in creating blind dates can use red on its landing page to emphasize.


Cheerful colour that promotes optimism. Yellow can make babies cry, while orange can trigger a sense of caution. Used to create a sense of anxiety that can draw in impulsive buyers and window shoppers.


Associated with authority, power, stability, and strength. Often a symbol of intelligence, but can become overwhelming if used too frequently.

The use of colour in advertisement can be fined tuned dependent on one’s need. Colours can lighten up lives and can infuse with happiness. They can also excite, calm us down or make us feel reassured and nurtured.  Correctly harnessing the psychology of colour in advertising is a very powerful tool:  when an advert has the right colour to match the services or products on offer, and one which simultaneously appeals to the correct target market, the advert will form the basis of a successful marketing campaign.

5 Essential Elements in Successful Content Marketing

5 Essential Elements in Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the highly successful industries in today’s world. Most of the major businesses and companies have online portals, and the success of any organization depends on how well they are marketed. The marketing of these organizations depends significantly on the content that is shared on their online portals. The content is carefully curated to make sure that it attracts the maximum audience and in turn, maximizes profit.

Most of the companies or organizations have professional content-making teams or hire licensed content creating companies to aid in the process of marketing. The primary job of content creators is to make sure that the content is appealing to the target audience and proves to be beneficial for the company or the organization. Content marketing strategy focuses on making profits for the company. The content marketing companies create content for the organization, depending on their area of expertise or business. In recent times, digital content marketing has become the rage in the marketing field and impacts the success or failure of an organization immensely.

Here are five essential elements in successful content marketing:

  • Knowing your Target Audience:  Every organization has a different target audience. Content that attracts the target audience goes a long way in increasing the viewership as well as the profit of these organizations. One of the most important digital content marketing strategies is to create content that is meant to attract the target audience of the organization or business.
  • Understanding the Customers’ Requirements: One of the essentials of a successful content marketing strategyis to know and understand the needs and requirements of the customer. If the content is focused on the customers’ requirements, it automatically attracts the target audience and in turn, increases the profits of the company or organization.
  • Proper Distribution: More often than never, poorly distributed content drives away the target audience. Well-distributed content makes sure that the target audience is hooked to the online content. So, it is essential that the content should not be too long or ill-distributed and that the content marketing company can make the audience stick to the online portal of the company or organization.
  • Relevant and Interesting Content: It is a crucial part of digital content marketingto ensure that the content is relevant and engaging for the target audience. Winning and relevant content attracts the target audience and can maximize the profits for the company or the organization. So, it is an extremely effective content marketing strategy.
  • Analyze the Outcomes or Results: Content marketing companies need to analyze the results of their digital marketing strategies. The key to successful content marketing is to analyze the results of the strategies in place. It is essential to know the response of the target audience and positively take criticism. The content marketing companies need to understand the faults in their strategy, if any, and strive to make it better and more appealing for the target audience. Having an open mind to positive criticism and continually improving on the marketing strategy proves to be beneficial for the company or the organization. This, in turn, increases viewership and maximizes the profit outcomes of the company.

It is essential to remember that the marketing strategy adopted by the content marketing companies should cater to the needs of the companies or the organizations. The specific requirements of the company must be taken into consideration while developing a digital marketing strategy for the company. In this age of ruthless competition, the companies need to provide the most efficient marketing strategies to ensure the success of the client companies or organizations.  The five tips mentioned above are foundational to building a highly productive digital marketing strategy and thereby maximizing gains for both, the client company as well as the digital marketing company. Compromising on the marketing strategy puts the entire business or company at risk. The success or failure of any enterprise or organization depends mostly on marketing.

How to boost your Facebook organic reach?

Social media outreach is honestly one of the smartest ways to increase your brand awareness. It doesn’t require a lot of mechanical effort, and you can generate a lot of fan following or recognition if you use it efficiently.

Facebook is a viral site with 2.41 billion monthly active users, as of 2019. Facebook marketing is a goldmine for generating brand awareness.

However, gone are the days when you could just put up posts and sit back, letting Facebook algorithms do all the work. You must be steps ahead of your contemporaries and work creatively to increase your Facebook organic reach.

Tips to increase your Facebook organic reach:

  1. Mix it up!

You’ve to know what your audience wants. Your audience needs to know there are actual humans behind this huge brand you’re trying to sell. An excellent way to increase your reach is by posting a combination of engaging content and informative links.

When people view your entertaining or engaging content, they’ll like, comment, and share. This will keep your posts up and more viewable in users’ newsfeeds when you post informative links too.

Posting reviews by clients, or putting up Facebook Live Videos also lets people see the humans attached to the brand. It humanizes your brand and approachable to the masses.

  1. Get an insight into your Insights

Facebook Insights is a crazy tool for Facebook marketing. It is an all-in-one stop solution for understanding where you’re going wrong with your audience analysis and the content you put up.

Analyze your insights and understand each metric. You should be agile in changing your current strategies if the Insights show that they’re not working.

Amateurs don’t use Facebook Insights for Facebook marketing, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes they make when trying to increase their organic reach.

  1. Visuals matter

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying and a pretty accurate one too.

Visual content has been statistically proven to be far more engaging and enticing than stats or data-driven content.

If you want a full-proof plan to increase your organic reach, say the same things but through visual posts. You can do a lot of things when it comes to visual posts. Try putting related quotes or information on images, putting your thought-process and mind-maps for your brand on strong imagery, use vibrant and powerful imagery for boring data and stats, etc.

  1. Talk to the people

Like has been mentioned before, whenever a brand is humanized, it instantly becomes more approachable.

Especially as a brand that is just starting, you should assign a workforce to respond to the comments and shares on your post. Replying to the comments, engaging the people who share your posts and share opinions about your brand; these are all very important. Things like these turn people in your favor, and they become advocates of your cause.

  1. Know when to post

If you analyze your Facebook Insights extensively, you will be able to notice what the best time is for posting. Nobody will know what the correct time to post is, better than you.

Take advantage of the tools Facebook provides to market your content smartly. The right time can be the point of difference between going viral or going unnoticed.

If your audience is global, then the timings for your posts need to take that into account.

  1. Plan your content

In today’s fast-paced world, it is extremely tough to keep people engaged. Our generation gets bored so quickly. We dislike anything that remains stagnant or doesn’t keep growing.

It is impractical to expect that your audience will stay hooked to your brand if you churn out repetitive or ill-planned content.

While it is tedious to do so in practice, you should always keep your content pre-planned. Strategize and innovate so that you are still one step ahead of your audience.

Approximately 500,000 new users are added on Facebook every day, giving you 500,000 fresh prospects each day. That’s a vast sea with a lot of fish. If you plan your content well, you can keep a considerable portion of these new users hooked and addicted every day.

  1. Mobile-friendly content

Around 47% of Facebook users access their profiles via their cell-phones. Mobiles are the primary device through which people access Facebook. If your content is tiresome or tedious to view on mobiles, it will probably drive a part of your potential consumer base away.

Your content needs to have layouts that are mobile-friendly and cater to mobile-addicted consumers.

A smart businessperson knows not to ignore facts. Use the power Facebook gives you, and turn the tables around when it comes to your Facebook organic reach.

All you need to know about IGTV marketing!

Instagram announced the release of IGTV, and with it came a galore of videos uploaded by everyone from celebrities to prominent brands. It is a platform that allows its users to watch the long-form, vertical video. IGTV also allows the users to upload videos of a length of up to one-hour (as opposed to the existing maximum of one-minute videos). Since the release of IGTV, the marketers have been working hard at looking for ways to take advantage of this new platform for IGTV marketing. To have a better understanding of what IGTV is and how to use IGTV effectively for marketing, we will now take a look at IGTV and how to make the most from it.


Instagram TV is an app within Instagram which is introduced by Facebook. It allows users to upload high-quality vertical videos on the Instagram app. The users have access to uploading videos to their IGTV channels for a duration of 15 seconds to 60 minutes long. The larger and verified accounts have access to uploading videos up to 60 minutes long. These extended videos have to be uploaded from a computer, thus making content more compelling to the target audience for IGTV marketing. IGTV is unquestionably worth investing time in for marketers since Instagram is all about creating appealing content.


This segment will cover the steps of how to use IGTV on Instagram. For using IGTV, the users have to start by clicking the little TV icon in the top right corner of the Instagram app. After clicking on that icon, users can explore videos from the accounts that they follow or accessible content that other people have posted. To upload a video on IGTV, the users have to create their own IGTV channel. For creating an IGTV channel, the users need to go into the IGTV section and click the settings button. Then, once the users enter in their channel, the users are free to upload videos. IGTV gives its users the option to add a title and description. It also gives the option of sharing the IGTV video to their Facebook Page.


Through IGTV, influencers and brands can communicate with their audience differently by getting creative in producing engaging vertical videos. It is essential to create content which resonates with the target audience, build the brand community with appealing and informative videos to market effectively. IGTV has been introduced at the perfect time where branded videos have been gaining a lot of attention. A brand can now tell a story through videos, which will connect IGTV at the center of social media digital marketing strategies. Thus, brands nowadays have started using and formulating an IGTV marketing strategy.

IGTV is equally beneficial for both influencers and brands that want to collaborate. A business could not only use this feature for their branded video content, but it could also make IGTV a requirement of its future influencer campaigns and encourage the influencers to create more video content. Some of the IGTV best practices include the company to focus on engaging existing audiences while tapping into new ones, testing their creativity, and ultimately reap the benefits of increased brand awareness through effective marketing on Instagram.

IGTV offers a distinct way to reach people in the place where they already spend most of their time. Building videos formatted especially for IGTV, opens a wide door to get more viewership, go more in-depth with an audience, and provide more value. Thus, IGTV will be excellent for brands because it will make sharing video content less cumbersome without any interruptions.

All you need to know about the avant-garde Snapchat Marketing

‘Snapchat’ has become a household word in today’s world. When this multimedia messaging app was being released in 2011, very few would have thought that it would eventually become an integral part of the daily routine of millennials. But now it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world with an annual growth rate of 18% being recorded last year.

This ever-increasing user base of Snapchat has opened up a whole new avenue known as Snapchat advertising or Snapchat digital marketing. As the name suggests, in snapchat advertising, businesses try to use snapchat for business marketing.

Snapchat digital marketing is still a largely unexplored field that holds loads of potential to do wonders for any business. Presently, only 1% of marketers use Snapchat for business marketing. If you want a head-start to your competitors, there will not be a better opportunity.

In this article, we will go over a few things that are primarily relevant to use Snapchat advertising to your advantage.

Why use Snapchat for business marketing?

As of February 2018, Snapchat has 187 active daily users out of which 73% were millennials, and 71% were below the age of 25. So, if your brand is looking to target an audience whose age is in the range of 18 to 34, you can hardly find a better advertising platform than Snapchat.

In recent years, as the number of cell phone users is growing by the day, targeting mobile users has been an important marketing strategy for most businesses. Snapchat can have an immense contribution to this field. One hundred percent of Snapchat’s content is mobile-oriented, which allows firms an easy pathway into the mobile screen of their potential customers.

Snapchat has provisions for both paid and unpaid promotions of your businesses. The paid promotional features include snap ads, sponsored geofilters, and sponsored lenses. Snap ads are ten-second long vertical video ads, whereas, sponsored geofilters are unique filters for photos that are only available at the locations specified by you. Sponsored lenses are a type of fun photo-modification feature. The no-pay promotional features include snaps and snapchat story ads. With 45% of the posts on Snapchat being stories, Snapchat story ads can prove to be a capable marketing vehicle.

How to set-up a Snapchat business account?

A Snapchat business account is a must-have if you are looking to advertise on the platform.

Head over to the Snapchat website and create a business account. The process is relatively intuitive and straightforward, and there is elaborate guidance on the procedure on the site.

Once you are done with the procedure is a business is ready to roll on Snapchat.

Some essential Snapchat digital marketing tips

If you have opted for Snapchat advertising, then you are treading an entirely unexplored path, and it might get a bit lonely or confusing at times. But the following tips will surely help you raise your snapchat advertising game.

Post to your story on a regular basis

Once you are done setting up your Snapchat business account, you have to make sure that it is active. The best way to do this is by adding to your story on a regular basis. All Snapchat posts are volatile. They disappear after twenty-four hours. So, in order to keep your brand fresh and crisp in the minds of your audience, you need to post on a regular basis. That being said, you need to keep a check on the frequency. Only a fine line separates being interactive and being irritating. If you post many times in a single day, the chances are that your audience will skip over most of your posts and it will be an exercise in futility.

Promote your Snapchat account

Whatever be your Snapchat advertising strategy, you need followers to implement them on. You have to understand that nobody knows that your business has a Snapchat account unless you tell them and hence the followers you are looking for won’t emerge out of thin air. So, it is absolutely imperative that you promote your Snapchat account from the other accounts that you have on different social media platforms.

Pinpoint your target audience

The most effective marketing tools are those who can make the audience relate to them and churns out a response from them. In order to come up with posts, creative, and artworks that are effective and will stir a reaction from the audience, you need to identify who your audiences are. They can be a group of people sharing similar interests, speaking the same language, or living in the same place.

Snapchat comes with a built-in tool known as Snapchat Insights which can prove to be very helpful to understand and analyse the type of audience that your posts are drawing, and these insights can help you fix your target audience.

The tips mentioned above are some of the basic ones that will help you get started with Snapchat advertising.

Now that you are somewhat familiar with snapchat digital marketing, I am sure that you can realize the enormous potential that Snapchat has as a marketing platform. The enormous leaps in popularity that the platform is taking is sure to fuel this potential.

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