10 functional tips for successful email marketing

Marketing is the base of your company’s existence. Just like you dress well and dab some highlighter here and there, emails do the exact thing by presenting your company in the spotlight. Read ahead to know the top 10 tips for a successful email marketing strategy.

1. Who is your reader?

One mistake that companies frequently make in their email marketing strategy is that they forget who they are sending a mail to. Keeping the reader in mind is of utmost importance. Different subscribers have different interests. Thus, you cannot expect a 70-year-old business-driven man to be interested in the purchase of cosmetics of ladies’ fashion. Retirement plans or investment options would be more viable. Research has shown reader-specific mails to be 18% more impactful. You should try email list segmentation and make appropriate categories for your consumers. Follow brand solutions such as:

  • Past purchases
  • Email log
  • Purchase cycle

2. Don’t be the annoying ex

You must be consistent with your emails, or you will end up being out of sight out of mind. But do you know how to keep it interesting? You must have an efficient team of copywriters and email designers who know which words to choose. Your subject line itself must be compelling for the reader to click on the mail. For example, if you have any upcoming or ongoing sale and happy hour period, you must mention that. Nothing excites clients more than the thought of saving a few extra bucks.

3. No one wants it long (still discussing email)

One of the biggest complaints that readers often have is that the mails are very lengthy. You need to understand that consumers have a lot of work and other things going on in their lives. Imagine having a deadline and then receiving a 2000-word essay in the form of an email. Will you read it? No! Thus, you should keep it short and precise. You are recommended to have one major call-to-action point and include keywords only with a few compelling images.

4. Remember, we are closer to our friends

You must personalize all the emails that you send. You should store important information such as the reader’s birthday, an anniversary, or any other upcoming events. You can also track their purchase history to send them related mails. When you engage in such personalized services, you can form a better relationship with the client. This small step can prove beneficial in the long run in forming a trusted bond. According to studies published by Campaign Monitor, it was found that such emails are 26% more useful for the business houses.

5. Being the stud or the dud?

The opening line you pick for your email marketing strategy is essential. You may not realize this, but the introduction is what decides whether the reader will continue with the mail or close all running apps, and your mail will be lost forever. The best way to start a message is by making it funny or witty. Humour is vital to get anyone’s instant attention. You should keep the sentences short. Also, you may resort to the use of banner images with catchy phrases or hashtags on them. The open rate depends on the subject line you put.

  • Use emotions to draw the attention of the reader
  • Long sentences should be avoided because they may be confusing
  • Don’t go overboard with humour
  • Questions can lead to higher click rates

6. Why send one when you can go for two?

No, this does not imply that you send two consecutive emails to everyone under the context of getting their attention. You are recommended to split test your mail strategy. For the uninitiated, this means that you should design two mails on the same subject. Divide your subscribers into two lists, and each group gets one mail. Accordingly, you can monitor which mail works better for your campaigning.

7. Grammarly has a free version

Please ensure that your emails do not have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. You can use the online services to check your emails before sending them. Employ a strong headline and keep a specific landing page. The sub-headline must support the headline, and a supporting image or video should be added without fail.

8. No one wants to visit a crowded carnival

When you are engaging in mail marketing, you must take care that the mail is not crowded. It should be spaced adequately to allow the reader to absorb information. Overload of data can stress the reader who will exit the message. There must be enough white space. Follow a proper structure, keep the passages short, and use plenty of bullet points.

9.Email marketing is like news

As a journalist, I can tell you from experience that news has to be timely; otherwise, it loses relevance. Similar is the case with email marketing. You must send the updated information about the sale and discount periods. It should be relevant for nothing more than a day or two. The main idea of email marketing is to create a situation where the buyer clicks instantly on your website link.

10. It’s an email, not wedding trousseau

Do not hesitate in repeating your successful mails. Marketing is all about trial and error. If something works well for your company, then you must repeat it with pride. The aim is to get as much profit as possible.

The email marketing tips mentioned above and brand solutions have been tried, tested, and studied in great depth. Thus, there is one hundred percent guarantee that they will work wonders for you. It is time to see the leads transform into sales. Run, hire more accountants!

It’s All about Ads! Brand Strategy Tastes Success

7.84% of today’s generation do not opt for traditional mode of advertising anymore.

Those days, which showed naked attempts to persuade customers with their argumentative advertisements, are long gone.

  1. Connecting
  2. Reaching

These are the two reasons for which brand ads are made with so much zealousness today. Offering potential solutions to a customer’s need, harbouring his/her desire on a subtle level and what not does a quirky brand strategy entail while showing an ad!

It’s all about creating a deep impact on the customer’s mind so that he or she eventually adheres to your brand’s service or product.

Right now, all that matters is a human touch which will connect with a brand’s TG group on a personal level. Brand strategy, therefore, perhaps is seeing a new turn on the road!

Some of the best industry ads have been ingenious at harbouring a long lasting impression upon its viewers. Ads form a crucial portion of online promotion for brand marketing, and thus, need to be inspiring in their very essence.

  • Images
  • Jingles
  • Stories

All of these are the tools which make the engine of a brand run!

Remember, Apple, Pepsi or Nike did not just become creative for creativity’s sake. They focused on their core identity only to curate an evergreen imprint on the human mind.

Ads for online marketing business bring victory!


Advertisers are known for tickling their viewers with a particular cadence which catches the buzz. TV commercials are not just for proffering free music but rather for creating memories. With the digital ad arena receiving a colossal boost, online promotion of any brand works towards carving out a catchphrase which will resonate with the virtual viewer.

It is the power of digital engagement which influences a customer for the long-term.

Tag lines are MUST!

For example, if you are a food company then tag lines like

“The fresher the better”, “Load it up!” or “NomNom your tummy” can be quite intriguing.


Online promotion ads have the power of visibility as well as coverage! The main goal for digital ads is to acquire as much web traffic as they can so that they effectively nurture a healthy base of lead conversions.

Social networks:

44% of Millennials purchase products through social media channels.

Powering up ads on social networks proves to be the most effective brand strategy. They give advertisers a booming platform to promote their brand messages by segmenting their target audience easily.

LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are some of the biggest social media ad churning bases currently. Promotional content will reach more millennials, and your brand will organically get positioned at an elevated status here.

Banners are good:

Considered as the best form of digital advertising, banners are differently sized, illustrated and strategically placed so that everyone catches their glimpse. Users clicking on a banner will be directed to your website, thus, increasing your traffic count. However, presently, there is an over saturation of ads which often leads a viewer to skip.

Blog advertising:

If you are thinking about ads posted within, above or below a blog post, then, you are mistaken. Those are pop-ups merely.

However, here, we are talking about branded content posted in the manner of a blog, bespeaking an experience or a story of reflection. They protrude an indirect mode of advertising which hooks the reader as he or she gets an explanatory answer for the brand’s product or service.

Here’s what you can do to prep a savvy advertisement for your brand this year:

  • Describe your brand identity via imagery coupled with your target audience demographic as well as a psychographic background.
  • Understand which type of content (imagery, video or simple commercials) your target audience digs.
  • Establish clear cut parameters as in how your product will be positioned in the ad.
  • Make your company goals straight cut for the advertisement.
  • Ensure your ad channel and the format which will be broadcasted.
  • Keep a primary copy for your ad’s initial stage.
  • You can keep a call back to your logo or a call to action at the beginning or end.
  • Adopt an interactive design for your advertisement so that it organically incurs response.

Ads are what your brand stands for…Success Stories!

Video advertising is 50 times more effective to drive organic search as they increase the results by 157%.

Story 1:

Have you noticed Coke’s video ad campaigns?

Must say, those come with a genuine feeling of sharing love amongst your close ones! Quite an impeccable online marketing business strategy, isn’t it? The ‘Share a Coke’ began in 2011, and since then, it became a global slogan. Pepsi soon followed suit launching a counter ad for Coke.

You see no matter how great your product looks or is in reality, you have to paint the perfect picture depicting its quality at its best. What you have got to tell is convey your brand story in such a way so that you get to hit the highest selling point.

No one wants a bad ROI, does anyone?

Story 2:

In case of FMCG brand advertisings, take the example of Cadbury!

A British confectionery brand that became famous for its evergreen Dairy Milk.

It ads showed how aliens eat chocolate and start to dance away in merriment. There goes a Spielberg E.T. anecdote eh?

The lesson here was you have got to learn how you can be a different entity from the millions of marketers today! If folks tell you that your product is quite mainstream, then, let them say that for you have to create a distinctive category where you can climb the ladder of super success.

Today, all those ads which flock your browsing sessions or your TV have captured your mind even for the tiniest of a time period. It is their captivating HOOK which acts as the bait!

Hence, your company will only savour the sweet taste of success if your brand strategy can carve out a simplistic yet effective ad portraying your brand identity effortlessly.


Originality still trumps all!

Local Listing – What Difference Does It Make If You Go for Google Ranking?

Creating, editing, and most importantly, updating – Google listing is neither that difficult nor trivial and yet many of you business people miss out on it.


Google ranking is what you care about at the end of the day, and you do want to see yourself soaring high on the SEO ladder! Well, if that is the case, then you might well buckle up and start your Google business listing right away.

Why add business to Google?

Remember when you were kiddo and had a shiny new toy car and couldn’t wait to show it to your school friends the next day?

You did not shy away because you wanted to be seen and that is exactly what holds for brands today. Visibility is crucial for you folks, making Google SEO optimization, a viable marketing tool for you.

You have to be where your lead base or people, in general, are right now!

In fact, if you must know, about 84% of today’s consumers utilize their tablets/ computers for searching for local businesses.

  • Increased customers & sales

34% of customers who seek out any business via local searches visit the physical location for real. 18% of the local searches lead one purchase per day.

All of these data sums up the fact that the more easily your business gets found by your users online, the more sales you have. Google listing, therefore, enhances your website traffic eventually boosting your customer numbers to a large extent.

  • Website SEO improved

Google SEO optimization is what you must adhere to if you want plausibility in the search engine ranks. Google’s algorithms help this search engine to look across the web for locating information on a specific business.

As your business gets listed online in many places, Google collects more information about you and helps you to show up much above in the Google ranking.

  • Exposure boost

Thousands of apps, as well as directories, are present today from where users can procure the business information they want. However, they find it easier to look for any particular local business on search engines like Google. These directories build a database by crawling on the web and rely to a considerable extent upon Google for gathering more information.

This means that many suggestions which a user finds on these smaller apps and directories have come up owing to their Google listing. Updating your listing on this mega giant of a search engine where you add business to Google, therefore, provides you with a more pronounced exposure in such apps.

Google ranking made right!

By being accurate on the listing, Google deems you trustworthy and makes you pop up when a customer searches for a local business. Painting a wholesome picture on search engines brings consistency to your SEO ranks as the more information you provide, the credible with a source Google believes you are.

So, this year, do your needful by being accurate and updated to this search engine so that it can do its job of making you more visible.

Market Marvel: Know Which Digital Strategy Will Go for in 2019

It’s better not to harp about what you did in 2018 with your marketing shenanigans.

You have been through the entire gambit of social media marketing, affiliate marketing, video and relevant mode of marketing. So, moving on, we arrive in 2019, a year where your digital strategy has to be edgy!

Taking a cue from current digital marketing trends – Be a pioneer

Chatbot marketing

Yes, you have already utilised it, and this year, you have to make the most of it. With the growth in AI, automated responses so that your customer care becomes impeccable have gained immense momentum. So, you need to make your Chatbots more interactive with a touch of humanity.

AI for profiling your buyers

Your online marketing strategies will get better as AI will pull its weight in the digital world. AI will power customer generation by segmenting, retargeting and amalgamating push notification, click-through-rates tracking, etc. Depending on your goals, you need to utilise AI wisely so that your brand does not fall behind.

Voice search optimization

Now, this is where the fun of online marketing begins!

Like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon grow with their respective voice search consoles, so does your content gets remodelled. No more will you have a definitive guide of authoring content as now, the queries will be voice search based. This means, your SEO success shall depend on formulating long-tail keywords that are conversational in tone and localised in nature.

Voice search optimization forms the major chunk of 2019 digital strategy list as, today, your target audience rather prefers to ask than to type. Your difficulty in ranking will ease if you go for the FAQ format for your content as you do know how voice queries tend to be questions formed with –

  • Where
  • What
  • How
  • Why

Marketing is not what you know, but what you unlearn and then know!

Any kind of digital strategy, before implementation, needs to be analysed to see how feasible it is in the current stage. Consumers have become more sophisticated and need their information to be on point. What your marketing should have is RELEVANCE.

Be it 2019 or even 10 years later, resonance in your content is what you have to imbibe for garnering a brand salience.

You four building blocks for 2019 should be –

  1. Apt brand meaning – What am I?
  2. Adroit brand identity – Who am I?
  3. On point brand resonance – What are you to me?
  4. Brand salience – What about you and me?

Nurturing your marketing modes on these four solid blocks will give your brand a stable ground to play in the digital domain.

You must know that 46% of customers hit the “BUY” button when they get a personalized touch for your products. 74% of them get irritated if they see that your content has nothing to do with them.

The boom in AI, the massive social media story postings, mobile-friendly website, marketing as well as email automation – all these current digital marketing trends have to be integrated within your brand marketing maze. Otherwise, the race will slip away from your hands, and you won’t even know it.

Why Branding is Important For Every Company ?

Building a brand around a service or product can come spontaneously, or, it can be a tremendous, frustrating, and confusing experience, almost like pain. In these situations, hiring a professional branding agency who specializes in brand strategy to help you work out the hitches is the best bet!

What does strong branding do?

Your branding should set you in your league. Customers should not think twice about whom to approach for a solution to their problem. Strong branding can help accomplish this.

The following are the signs of strong branding:

  • Delivers your company’s message precisely
  • Gives you credibility amongst your competitors and customers
  • Builds a lasting impression with your customers
  • Motivates purchases & repeat customers
  • Develops a strong brand loyalty

Once you achieve all the above-mentioned aspects, the hard part is over. It will act as the base for your brand and help you fill in the gaps as you begin to fine-tune and combine them with your team and partners.

Why Is Branding Important?

Here are a few reasons why branding is essential.


Your brand is your unique identity and your company’s way of standing out in the highly competitive industry. The purpose of a brand boils down to one final statement which is not always an easy one to answer: “We exist because of __.” The answer to this will be the base as you build your brand identity because it will play a fundamental role in connecting with your customers and helping them visualize your brand the way you imagined it. In Branding, it is often the intangibles that build motivation to purchase your product or service and retain customer loyalty.

The ability to convert consumers into customers, who not only love your services or products but also follow along with you on your journey, is Branding. Social Media and Content Marketing have played a massive role in really bringing this aspect to life in recent years.


Building a strong brand is equally important for your company’s team as it is for your customers. When you have your entire team moving in the same direction and informing the same ideals to customers that got them there in the first place, you will be able to work a lot more easily and not forget, work with a lot more passion. A precise brand direction will help you create expectations with your clients that will keep them coming back for more, tell their friends about you, and always hold your business responsible.


A good branding ensures customer loyalty, who always extend their support to the brand. They become the unofficial goodwill ambassadors of your brand and indulge in spreading a positive review through word of mouth, thus acting as influencers.


Branding protects you from your competitors who are waiting to steal your show. Without a strong and concealed brand strategy, they can always replicate your ideas and claim ownership to it. With branding done right, you retain your originality which can never be replicated by your competitors even if they succeed in implementing your ideas.


A brand is an asset. What the public is exposed to is nothing but a huge section of your business which is equally worth like your revenue and sales. With a lot of verticals like finance, creativity and more on stake taking up time, branding helps you find the difference between the revenue, debts, liquidation etc., and build/strengthen your business accordingly. Though this sounds like a Herculean task, the branding agencies are equipped with the bandwidth and adept skills to make this work.

Which businesses should focus on their branding efforts?

EVERYONE OF THEM! Small, Medium, Large, New & Old. You must be ready to adapt to the changes to survive in such a competitive business world.

Fantastic 4! Get High with Instagram Management Tools NOW

FYI: Did you know that Instagram incurs about 1.2 billion LIKES every day for REAL?

Crazy, eh?

Well, Insta is truly the new-age social media platform that gives every marketer a lucrative space to churn the maximum ROI for their online branding game. Emerging as something more than a casual pastime, this platform surely takes your business on the high road, only if you know the right Instagram management tools!

Favourite marketing tactics that have been observed in 2018 include –

  • Running rampant Insta advertisements for brand products.
  • Grabbing a healthy bunch of influencers to enhance the count of Instagram followers.
  • Improving search results for the brand and making them more precise.

All these are being done right at this moment with the help of efficient tools. Bet, your curiosity is already on the brink of collapsing! Well, read below.

Top 4 Instagram management tools to make the game interesting –

1. Iconosquare

Proving great for analytics, this tool is your genie’s boon. This is an analytics platform that has been designed to dig deep into your brand content performance on Insta. You can easily track data like regular follower engagement on your Instagram profile. Moreover, checking the profundity of your Instagram search volume, the number of likes, your followers’ location and many other pertinent factors can be done with Iconosquare. Compare your brand performance on Insta with your competitor brands.

2. Hootsuite

Considered as a powerful social media managing tool, Hootsuite is a winner for branding in 2019. It schedules and publishes Insta posts. The tool has been quite a name in the marketing domain for the last few years as it has emerged as a platform for streamlining Facebook and Twitter marketing. It comes with profitable Insta marketing tools that take your branding game a step ahead from the rest. With it, you can schedule your Insta posts in advance, and it posts automatically too, in case you have a business profile on Instagram.

3. Real-time customer intelligence

Impeccable for analysing your Instagram followers count, this tool pulls out social media info regarding your target customers making it easier for you to hook the right hub.

Marketers use it for checking out info like which target audience has to, say, more than 10k followers or who uses “blogger”/ “journalist” keywords in their Instagram bio. This helps the marketer to build a solid and stable influencer campaign. Furthermore, you can check the profiles for your audience if your marketing is based on user-generated content type.

4. Insta shoppable feed

Instagram today is all about portraying your brand products in sync and in a visually appealing manner. They show your profile visitors on how the products are in context with their liking. THE Insta Shoppable Feed lets you add your photos to your brand store, and therefore, tag your brand products.

Kudos to Instagram marketing!

Now that you know about the ‘Fantastic Four’ Instagram management tools, why not start utilising them ASAP?

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