5 Essential Elements in Successful Content Marketing

5 Essential Elements in Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the highly successful industries in today’s world. Most of the major businesses and companies have online portals, and the success of any organization depends on how well they are marketed. The marketing of these organizations depends significantly on the content that is shared on their online portals. The content is carefully curated to make sure that it attracts the maximum audience and in turn, maximizes profit.

Most of the companies or organizations have professional content-making teams or hire licensed content creating companies to aid in the process of marketing. The primary job of content creators is to make sure that the content is appealing to the target audience and proves to be beneficial for the company or the organization. Content marketing strategy focuses on making profits for the company. The content marketing companies create content for the organization, depending on their area of expertise or business. In recent times, digital content marketing has become the rage in the marketing field and impacts the success or failure of an organization immensely.

Here are five essential elements in successful content marketing:

  • Knowing your Target Audience:  Every organization has a different target audience. Content that attracts the target audience goes a long way in increasing the viewership as well as the profit of these organizations. One of the most important digital content marketing strategies is to create content that is meant to attract the target audience of the organization or business.
  • Understanding the Customers’ Requirements: One of the essentials of a successful content marketing strategyis to know and understand the needs and requirements of the customer. If the content is focused on the customers’ requirements, it automatically attracts the target audience and in turn, increases the profits of the company or organization.
  • Proper Distribution: More often than never, poorly distributed content drives away the target audience. Well-distributed content makes sure that the target audience is hooked to the online content. So, it is essential that the content should not be too long or ill-distributed and that the content marketing company can make the audience stick to the online portal of the company or organization.
  • Relevant and Interesting Content: It is a crucial part of digital content marketingto ensure that the content is relevant and engaging for the target audience. Winning and relevant content attracts the target audience and can maximize the profits for the company or the organization. So, it is an extremely effective content marketing strategy.
  • Analyze the Outcomes or Results: Content marketing companies need to analyze the results of their digital marketing strategies. The key to successful content marketing is to analyze the results of the strategies in place. It is essential to know the response of the target audience and positively take criticism. The content marketing companies need to understand the faults in their strategy, if any, and strive to make it better and more appealing for the target audience. Having an open mind to positive criticism and continually improving on the marketing strategy proves to be beneficial for the company or the organization. This, in turn, increases viewership and maximizes the profit outcomes of the company.

It is essential to remember that the marketing strategy adopted by the content marketing companies should cater to the needs of the companies or the organizations. The specific requirements of the company must be taken into consideration while developing a digital marketing strategy for the company. In this age of ruthless competition, the companies need to provide the most efficient marketing strategies to ensure the success of the client companies or organizations.  The five tips mentioned above are foundational to building a highly productive digital marketing strategy and thereby maximizing gains for both, the client company as well as the digital marketing company. Compromising on the marketing strategy puts the entire business or company at risk. The success or failure of any enterprise or organization depends mostly on marketing.

The growing trends in Affiliate Marketing

The realm of Digital Marketing is growing dynamically and drastically. New and rejuvenating concepts and technologies are being introduced into the market every now and then. Hence it is persistent to stay updated with the current trends of market to be well-informed. This growth is no different to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs have been evolving out to be a game changer in the digital marketing industry. Its growth is very swift that, it has a potential to stay alive and fresh for continuing years as well.

There was a time when affiliate marketing seemed dubious and unconvincing to sell any products. It was considered on the fringe and marketers were on the fence that the technique would prove ineffective. But today, affiliate marketing is in rage since the leading e-commerce sites comprehended it as one the highest growth avenues within the digital marketing world. It has become a predominant digital marketing strategy for many established companies across the world. Today affiliate marketing programs has a reputation and credential in the market that spectacles it proficiency.

  1. Content continues to rule

It has always been the content that remained as the integral part of affiliate marketing. Even today, people see the content prior to anything else. Organizations are roiling out the eminent and quality content that has the latent to appeal both customers and search engines.

In the coming years, the creativity of the content will matter so much that, it might take the prominent stage in affiliate marketing. There will be a huge demand for creative content which will be rich in audio-visual aspects. The traditional way of product demonstration would be replaced with creative slideshows, images and video demonstrations of products and services. No matter what, the written words will definitely have its prominence; but it is the creative content that will soon reign in the world of affiliate marketing.

  1. Off-beat category picks up

Online shopping industry is ruled by the sales of electronic gadgets and fashion. But lately, certain off-beat categories has been picking up that incorporate medicines, grocery and everyday jewellery as well. With changing lifestyle, many have found solace in the not-so-time-consuming online shopping and its trends. Increasing number of shoppers are tuning into the internet to look for the grocery delivery and supply of prescribed medicines as well.

With exceptional delivery chains and systems, most of the online shopping sites are able to meet customer expectations and delivery instantly. Increase in the demand of these off-beat categories will benefit the affiliates as they will earn greater commissions on these products.

  1. Optimizing Voice search

Voice search is on the excessive rise. This rise is attributed to the elevated use of phone and home assistants like Siri, Google home and Amazon Alexa. With the penetrating advent of these, the internet searches have received a new dimension. As to match up with the current trends, affiliate marketers will have to pay more focus on optimizing for voice searches. Different individuals have different ways to search for the content that they are looking for. It is imperative that affiliate marketers prepare themselves for this different trend, and start optimizing for more natural speech patterns in order to stay alive and relevant for long term.

  1. Influencer Marketing getting bigger

The interest in influencer marketing has grown humongous, over the past few years. There is a huge number of people who search for content online and trust the unique blend of people’s opinions. These people aren’t celebrities; but are real people who endorse products and services based on their real time experiences. Hence influencers have a bigger effect on user decisions and user perspectives, which in direct influence the sales.

  1. Think beyond banners

Banner ads are the most common way to advertise affiliate marketing. But today with the advent of innumerable marketing trends, it is important to think beyond banners. Most affiliate marketers are moving to social media as a way to pull in more conversations to get more followers and subscribers. Most of the social media platforms offer ad programs for both affiliate marketers as well as business owners.

Uncover the Tips to Build a Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Tweeting is the trending sound reverberating across the social media platform since the last couple of years.

Think about this…

When was the last time you missed out catching up on the latest information in the world of entertainment, politics, sports, etc. on Twitter?

Isn’t it evident that everyone across the globe at present is leaning towards this social media platform?

This wide popularity of Twitter makes it a vital platformwhere marketers are running their Twitter marketing strategy on a whetstone. According to recent studies, there are about 7000 tweets/second across the globe. With such traffic in thissocial media, the lifespan of each Twitter post is about 18 minutes, beyond which a post is lost amongst the crowd of millions.

Considering this intense competition, creating an impact through Twitter posts becomes exceptionally challenging as compared to the posts on other social media platforms like Facebook. Such circumstances call for the assistance of expert marketing techniques that carry a power punch to levitate a Twitter post to the top and guarantee its long-lasting impression.

Go ahead; check out the top tips on Twitter marketing strategy. They are the hush-hush secrets for every proficient in this marketing field!

Top strategies to up your Twitter marketing game!

Marketing is all about creating a buzz regarding the product and services that your brand offers. More eyes on the post hint at more chances of conversion.Considering the fact that

  • 2019 saw 4.388 billion users delved in the world of internet, and
  • 84 users were drawn to the various social media sites,

-it is understandable that marketers all across the globe are targeting social media sites to reach out to their prospective clients.

However, a vast majority of brands, irrespective of their genre of trade, are leaning towards leaving a digital trail for their existing and prospective clients. This creates an extremely competitive environment which requires the expert intervention of trending tactics to up the game in the Twitter marketing realm.

So, here you go – the top tips to spruce up your Twitter campaigns!

    #1. It’s ‘Go Live’ time!

The primary focus of any marketing team is to ensure that the post creates a lasting impression on the mind of the viewers. According to researchers, nothing does this better than video representations. Approximately,80% of the users who view Twitter videos tend to remember those as compared to vanilla posts.

So, make sure to hail your brand’s new launch through an attractive video in Twitter advertising!

    #2. Remember to tweet for a cause

Remember #TBH? It retained its foothold despite the crowd of thousand other such trending hashtags. The reason being the intent with which it was started.

Know this: your existing and prospective customers look ahead to see your brand participating in such affirmative empowerment programs. This reflects the transparency and integrity that a company holds.

So, get yourself updated about the latest trending hashtags on women empowerment, literacy programs, emergency responses on natural disasters, etc. Make sure that your clients get to see your company in a positive light.

Pssstt…However, choose your battles wisely. Make sure not to get involved in controversial Twitter campaigns. Such alliance tends to be remembered for long!

    #3. Steal the show with the best visuals

Would you want to miss out on chances to boost your client conversion rate?

Then, let their eyes feast on the visuals of your products and services!

  • 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on the colour of their images alone.
  • 63% of social media comprises images.

Be it Twitter arts, Emojis, or other multimedia – visuals in any form play a crucial role in driving more client engagement. These multimedia options may include GIFs, images, or videos. By 2016, Twitter was already flooded with 100 million GIFs.

The incorporation of such visuals seems to be the best Twitter marketing strategy presently. What follow is not just purchases but free marketing through constant re-tweets and shares on various social media platforms.

    #4. Celebrate the power Twitter advertising

Looking for the most convenient and cost-effective Twitter marketing strategy?

Well, the answer would be – building Twitter ad campaigns. It allows you to target specific audiences through keywords, profiles, and hashtags.

In this context, it would serve to be useful if a person keeps track of conversion because he/she can later retarget them during his/her next campaign. Several tools are available which are designed to provide accurate assistance on this topic.

    #5. Implement influencer marketing tactics

So, what exactly is influencer marketing?

It is a new strategy adopted by all marketers to establish a bond between a brand and some specific individuals for mutual benefit. The purpose is to utilize the individual’s brand and boost a brand’s professional trust. This individual may be content curators, or budding bloggers, or anyone with a specific hold over a group of Twitter users.

Through this form of Twitter campaigns, companies can create a unique brand campaign and hence, build a group of the target audience.

    #6. Be organized with your posting dates

Did you know?

According to experts, the right posting schedule can boost your Twitter engagement by about 192% in a single day!

Once you build a specific time frame for your posts, your existing and potential clients would know when to look into your profiles. Considering that Twitter often serves to be the introductory platform for your company, it is essential that the first impression is well enough to draw them towards your services. A scheduled posting routine reflects your brand’s perseverance and consistency.

Moreover, with an optimized schedule for your tweets, you can also target specific peak hours for Twitter posts. Upon a researched approach, you can get accustomed to the days of the week, and specific hours in those days when traffic is the most. This will increase your chances of reaching out to the maximum clients at a time.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can always incorporate a few more tactics to bring in finesse to your Twitter marketing strategy. These are:

  • Conversational tone in posts
  • Quality content
  • The aid of the best Twitter marketing tools
  • Hawk’s eye on your brand’s mention anywhere on Twitter
  • Choosing appropriate hashtags

Tweet away with these trending Twitter marketing strategy,and witness the dramatic improvement in your brand’s success!

Conquering Conversion Rate: How You Can Nail It in 7 Ways

Once there was a wise man, who said,

“If you do not win ‘em all, you win nothing!”

The urge to become a digital maestro seems like a Saturday Night Fever where everyone wants to be a John Travolta! It is an inherent desire for every single virtual marketer to see the numbers of his conversion rate leap. Such is the rage today.

Searching for some magical way in which your page conversion receives a healthy kick might be your everyday browsing chore. However, zillions of posts are floating around the web where you can easily get lost as in the Bermuda Triangle conundrum.

Quite a pickle, eh?

You want to save time and look for the absolute ways in which your landing page becomes the hotspot for your niche traffic.

Right now, you ARE on such a spot! You have hit (un)knowingly the RIGHT tab where you will find (not tedious) info regarding increasing conversion rates for your webpage.

Optimising conversion rate – Ways to make the numbers rise

  1. CTAs planned strategically

Your landing page has a purpose. Either it is regarding generating leads or for building a hefty list of subscribers. In this case, using a CTA which is Call to Action, you get to promote this purpose effortlessly. CTA acts as a direct instruction for your page visitors in a non-nagging way.

According to Google, CTAs should always be placed in a viewable position. They can be ‘above the fold’ which is not at the page’s top section. 47% to 93% of leads come from CTA alone!

  1. Facebook Ads

Social media presence quips for the most sought-after lead generating strategy today. Moreover, with paid Facebook Ads, you get to make your virtual presence a whole lot effective. These advertisements pop up at the side while your millennial user scrolls down the news feed, searching or rather ‘stalking’ a suspicious crush.

Your brand story presented via such ads in quirky imagery becomes appealing to your viewer.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Check out some facts first –

  • 79% of online research takes place on social media platforms via smartphones.
  • 70% of millennial’s media time happens through the latest mobile model they bought!

If your mobile conversion rate is not up to the mark, then you are lagging. Smartphones are the growing marketing segments of the 21st century, and you CANNOT afford to lose out on this part. They have become the principal channel of browsing, and thus, optimising your site to become a mobile-friendly page proves highly essential.

  1. Multivariate testing – A/B

A/B testing is an experimental kind where you set up 2 different webpage versions or landing pages and see how much traffic each hooks in. By measuring the conversation numbers for each, you will get a declared winner. After identifying the winner, you get to improve it by making it more appealing to viewers.

  1. Live Chats

These help build a more personal connection with your target group. Many webpage visitors prefer chatting to calling. Emails are also great, but they do take a much longer period to reply. Live chats here become beneficial as people can get answers to their queries instantly. Such interactions are the best and easiest way to put their mind in peace.

  1. Compelling value proposition

Strengthening your brand’s value proposition is another pertinent way of enhancing the conversion rate for your webpage. Any brand’s proposition must adhere to the following questions –

“What’s in it for my customers?”

“Why buy from me instead of my competitors?”

The value proposition should be the obvious message shown on your home page. Proper descriptions and CTAs make up for good ones.

  1. Sales Funnel creation





These are the 4 crucial parameters as explained in the famous AIDA model of brand marketing.

For any service or product, you have to generate awareness amongst your target audience and then design the product in a way which will pique their interests and eventually lead to a desire for purchasing. The final step shall be ACTION where the buyers BUY. If your webpage does not garner such sentiments, your conversion rate will indefinitely not rise.

Enhancements for the landing page: What you can do?

In a perfect world, no one has any problem at ranking in every area of his/her service offerings. Unlike the not so Willy Wonka like reality, you must work towards enhancing your landing pages.

  • Opt for unique content in these pages so that an evocative essence gets created for your target people.
  • Prioritise your highest volume areas and add more pages to them, especially those in lesser volume regions.
  • Landing page has to serve the ultimate purpose – answering queries. Usefulness and added-value features enable the page to become more active.
  • Keep in mind that your heading matches with your ads. Moreover, H1 and H2 tags must also be in synchronisation.
  • Location-specific content is another vitality you should aim for. Increasing the conversion rate with testimonials also proves lucrative.

Be the mighty conqueror of conversions in 2019!

Remember that time in 2008 when Former President Obama’s campaign went viral for the right cause?

During that presidential drive, Dan Siroker who is the CEO/Founder of Optimizely served as the Analytics Director for the campaign. They created a unique assortment of images and videos along with tag lines so that the majority of people signed up the campaign newsletter. Ultimately, they put up 24 diverse campaign push-buttons that had –

  • 4 button options
  • 3 images
  • 3 videos

Did you know the result?

  1. 11.6% of conversion rates were measured for winning variation.
  2. 40.6% increase was seen over the original rate.
  3. There were 2,880,000 sign-ups additionally.

Such a massive change points to the fact that you can up your digital game if you put in effective tools as mentioned before.

Of course, there are hundreds of other ways such as social media marketing, SSL protection, removal of jargons and more. Try the ways out ASAP, and see the magic they spin on the virtual stage.

5 Clever Ways the Right Content Can Drive Your Brand’s Growth

The old maxim of ‘Content is king’ has probably never been truer than it is now. The Internet, once seen as the cynosure of every marketer’s eyes, has rapidly snowballed into what can be termed a ‘mess’ in colloquial terms. There are more sites, better services, bigger companies and a lot more sellers all hogging for eyeballs. Granted, there have never been so many readers online earlier as there are now.

However, with diminishing attention spans and more options to choose from, even established websites feel threatened. That is an indication that they lack a proper digital marketing plan.

That is where content enters the picture. Good content is the basic recipe for great content marketing. When done right, good content can drive a lot of organic traffic to your website. It is a slippery slope, however, for bad content can ruin your website’s reputation, rankings and recall value.

To ensure better digital marketing, a proper strategy has to be chalked out, if necessary from scratch. Without much ado, here are 5 ways you can work wonders with content.

  1. Position yourself carefully: To stand out in the crowd, you must first understand the composition of the crowd. What do your competitors provide? How do they provide it? What is it that they have which your service lacks, if anything? Most importantly, do they have a better brand strategy?

When it comes to strategizing, the old aphorism of ‘beg, borrow or steal’ does not stand, however. You have to create your own space. To do that, you need to hit the ‘sweet spot’ that fabled delta where the three tributaries – company offerings, customer needs and marketing dynamics meet. Think of it as a Venn diagram: the sweet spot is where the triad meets. Enthuse your readers with fresh content regularly. Never focus on the same topic or subject in a short period.

You also need to position yourself as a trustworthy and reliable brand, one that resonates with the customers’ needs. To do that, seek your own unique identity and establish that as the nucleus of your content. Ideally, some elementary research on your competitors will elicit their USPs, and you can tweak yours’ accordingly. Your content must focus on positioning your brand as the one that stands out from the maddening crowd.

Also, to ensure your content has recall value, ensure it is free from grammatical or spelling errors. Syntax is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. When you post error-free content regularly, your readers know you pay attention to details.

  1. Ask questions regularly: The tastes of the audience are dynamic. Does your reader demand the same thing he or she did 2 years ago? Probably no; they need fresh content, served with efficacy and flair now.

That is where your content strategy must incorporate the Call to Action or CTA tone. It usually comes at the end of an article or any content you post. When you give your audience a voice, they respond with equanimity. It has worked wonders for many established brands. In 2015, Twitter users trended the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance that seemingly chided the lopsided gender portrayal of the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment. It was a public outpouring of popular sentiment over a sensitive issue.

And it all started when WWE itself gave a CTA to its loyalists looking for suggestions and tips to improve.

In the end, Vince McMahon, WWE boss, and the other top brass members took cognisance of the trend and brought in more female wrestlers. The term ‘diva’ was scrapped; instead, the unisex term ‘performers’ was bought in.

The result? WWE’s ratings improved, and so did their bottom-line. The takeaway is a simple one: listening to your consumers is of grave importance in your business strategy.

  1. Use engaging content: Content is more than a series of words. It combines infographics, case studies, blog polls, FAQ and AMA sessions, photos, guides, Q&As, webinars and a lot more. Only when you master the entire spectrum of these factors do you eventually scratch the surface of digital marketing.

Your content should appeal to your readers. It must make them feel empowered and featured. Moreover, it should also reflect your working strategy in a way where you do not showcase all your cards at once; you always keep an ace up your sleeve. To engage more readers, you need to keep a careful eye on which posts are read most widely. Accordingly, frame your content strategy.

Also, noteworthy is the fact that you must reduce your site’s bounce rate, an SEO term which reflects how long a user stays on your website before jumping ship. Keeping all these metrics at your fingertips is necessary.

  1. Invest more in digital marketing: Content marketing is just one aspect of your overall marketing plan. An example will suffice here: if you own a healthcare website that provides news and updates on medicines and general health, you have to invest to retain greater patient engagement. Studies show how most people look for updated and current information.

To create a working digital marketing strategy, you must pay attention to all manners of updates in your field; healthcare and medicine in this case. Never inundate the reader with out-dated information and articles, and overuse of jargon is a strict no-no. To that end, use fresh content regularly with the most trending topics. Try and connect with your audience on a B2B level as well as on a personal level. It is tough, but not impossible. Once you optimise your site for more mobile-friendly usage, your readers will keep coming back. The takeaway: keep things simple but customer-centric!

  1. Weave a yarn: Post content that tells a story. Make your readers feel wanted, and always give them extra. Spin a tale to attract and retain their attention. Your brand strategy should focus on keeping your readers hooked till the last sentence, reading along till they finally yield to your argument and nod their heads in agreement.

It does not mean that you need to post literary masterpieces, of course. Research, polished language, a gift of the gab, a grasp of modern lingo and a firm pen are all it takes. It has always been that way. For example, Coca Cola which, cynics say, basically sells sweet and fizzy water, has been in existence for so many years now without once getting stale.

How do they manage it? Their brand strategy is reinvention. If you go through Coca Cola’s numerous advertising campaigns over the years, you will see how they have evolved and managed to remain ‘cool’ and in vogue.

A stylistic upper hand always helps in creating marketable content. To further your digital marketing strategy, you can always choose a professional content writing agency.

All of these might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get off the blocks, you will see, it gets easier with time. Practice is a great teacher and patience a great friend. Unleash your creativity in your content marketing strategy. Then, watch your fruits of labour sprout.

7 Essential Elements for an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

A proper and upgraded social media marketing strategy is essential for any organisation looking to thrive in a highly competitive business environment.

Digital marketing is in itself a buzzword for many organisations; a term that is thoroughly misunderstood by many. While the pitfalls of a proper social media strategy are many, it is possible to beat and overcome them, by abiding by certain guidelines.

Seven essentials of a social media strategy –

Know your audience:

The primary step to start a social media strategy is to know your audience, for which a lot of research is in order. At times, even the best minds in the industry can fail to identify which niche they are catering to. That can be a fatal mistake, however; you can end up distancing more traffic than you attract. Identifying your ideal niche is easy when you know what problems you are trying to solve and who your readers are likely to be. It is ideal to also check the demographic constituents of your audience.

Share common social media platforms with your audience:

Do most of your readers have a Facebook account? Well then, Facebook marketing should most definitively top your social media strategy. If, on the other hand, most of your readers are interested in Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, you should tailor your strategy accordingly.

Identify your KPIs:

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are the measures of progress on the various fronts of your business. KPIs are crucial in a digital marketing strategy as well, for they help identify which areas are doing well and which ones need more ideation. There are no two organisations which have perfectly identical KPIs, so you need to frame one which suits your company’s needs.

Let people know of your long-term strategies:

An organisation is only as good as its employees are. Are you sure your colleagues, peers or employees are aware of your social media marketing plans? If not, such miscommunication can lead to dangerous lacunae. All teams in a company must work in tandem with each other to achieve growth, and social media is a huge component of growth.

Prepare for each week:

Statistics and empirical data show how people’s search queries change over time, even in a span of weeks. If something extraordinary has happened recently, like a change in Google’s algorithms, search queries may change every day. Hence, smart managers must prepare for each week at a time, which will then become a blueprint for a long-term plan. Facebook marketing trends must be updated each week as well.

Post relevant and fresh content:

Nothing attracts more viewers and more clicks than fresh content. Search engines will not rank your website suitably if you do not update your site’s content from time to time. Everything you post must reflect your long-term plans and the tastes of your target audience.

Schedule monthly metrics analysis:

Leave aside some time each month to analyse site metrics and how well your social media marketing strategy worked. That will leave an impression on the areas which require further attention. Lastly, it will also enable all the parties and teams responsible for strategising further.

Social media strategies do not abide by cut and dried routines; they are dynamic. Hence, they should be handled with care, ideally by a professional agency which has extensive experience in SMM. While results may take some time coming, they will definitely bear fruit given enough windows of opportunity.

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