10 effective marketing ways to market my business in 2020

Business owners are always on the lookout for excellent strategies to reach out to potential buyers online and off-line. With the world shifting base to a digital platform, you need to understand the exact changes and developments in the technological domain. Continue reading ahead to find 10 effective marketing ways to market my business in 2020.

  • Pay per click had to top this list.

Since you are looking for marketing ways online, you must already be aware of Google’s ad system that works on a pay per click. So let me skip the beginners’ information and come to the benefits you get. Since only pay when someone clicks on your ad, you get good value for conversions. Also, it is easy to set-up.

  • Social media advertisements have grown to become a necessity.

Do you know anyone who does not have a social account but is socially active in real life? Social media refers to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, and likewise. You can change your account to a business profile and opt for paid advertising services on the domains. Refer to online step-by-step guides on how to go about it.

  • Email marketing is not fading anytime soon.

Email marketing sounds like a thing from the past. But it is still alive. While most people do not read the entire email you send them; the key idea is to get them hooked right at the beginning. You must pay attention to create a strong subject line and opening statement. Convey the main crux as soon as possible and in as few words as possible. Since everyone has a hectic schedule, they usually glance through the promotion emails. Grab their interest!

  • Influencers are the new guides on the block.

You must have often seen Instagram influencers posting photos, videos, and reviews on their social media handles. That’s what we are referring to! Influencer market has emerged as a big field recently, and people with established 9 to 5 jobs are quitting to join this domain. What helps them to make money? Sponsors like you. Why do they have such a massive base of followers? Because these influencers are supposed, experts. When you collaborate with an influencer to market your products and services in 2020, you pay them for their wisdom and experience in the genre.

  • What are podcast ads?

You must be wondering how podcasts can help you? Well, it’s not the podcast but the person hosting it. Usually, people listen to a podcast because they have faith in the speaker and believe him. This is where you step in and use the speaker’s credibility to your advantage. But why will they help you? Because you sponsor their session. A little investment in the podcast can help you get many potential leads.

  • Make offers based on your buyers’ location.

Whenever you make an online offer, you must be location-specific. For example, if you offer a pair of free socks in an area of humid weather, it kind of defeats the entire pint. It is imperative to sell what the buyers need- focus on selling them solutions. Every consumer wishes to save money by opting for deals and package offers. Give them location-specific coupons and redeemable points. Sometimes, location-specific referral codes can also help you crack your way into the local market.

  • Video content has been driving everyone.

YouTube launched in 2005, and there has not been any turning back since then. It is quite effortless to create a YouTube channel and start posting. The trick lies in being active and getting the desired attention from viewers. One of the biggest drivers of online success in terms of video creation is humor. Additionally, emotional bits and BTS shots can also work in your favor. The idea is to connect with the audience. The newest kid here, TikTok, has been working exceptionally well and collaborated with brands such as Levis and OnePlus.

  • Organic web traffic plays a vital role.

This refers to the online viewers who see your website to find solutions to their queries. Here, your web page layout is quite critical. Additionally, you must ensure that your page ranks at the top of Google’s search results. Or at least, appears in the first five results. You see, people usually check only the first two to three results and then close the tab. The zero position is the target. Backlinks from other websites, SEO, and keyword placement influence your ranking.

  • Do people still listen to live TV and radio shows?

The present digital age has witnessed the growth of online show streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Voot, and Amazon Prime. Moreover, most of these sites have their customized phone apps that make it easy for viewers to see shows of their choices. However, this does not imply that no one is interested in live TV and radio shows anymore. While the radio continues to be a part of people’s car music systems, individual sections of the society are still likely to watch live TV shows at least once a week. Moreover, it is an excellent idea now because most brands have stopped doing it, so it helps you stand apart from the mainstream crowd.

  • Direct mail and print media are still impactful for specific target groups.

Print media refers to the newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and likewise that companies distribute and use as methods of advertisement. Now, here, you must understand that your target drives the medium you pick. If you are selling an item to someone over the age of 50 or someone older, they are more likely to be conventional and stick to the print media. On the other hand, direct mail may also be useful to drive customers to your website by sending them a catalog that they may read properly or scan through. According to statistics, 42.2% of the recipients make an effort to read or glance through the mails.

These are the top 10 effective marketing ways to market my business in 2020. While several companies have already implemented massive changes in the business and marketing models, it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf as well. All you needed were these growth policies up your sleeves!

How to use Social Media for PR? A complete Guide

Social media and PR have one common goal- to create a positive and lucrative brand image. With the similarity in their core use, interlinking the two to get optimum marketing results is not unthinkable. Social media has blurred the lines between two separate yet related concepts- traditional marketing and public relations. Due to this, many are confused about how to use social media for promotion activities. So, here we have six ways you can incorporate social media into your PR initiatives.

  1. Interlinking press releases and social media

The press release is one of the most common ways that a brand lets its audience, customer, and the world know its latest news and development. Before the advent of social media, newspapers, and TV were the primary sources for press releases. However, it required a certain amount of connection with the journalists to ensure the publishing of the news. When it did, seldom does the company has control over what is being conveyed.

Social media turns the table by allowing brands to take the news directly to its audience without third-party involvement. PR managers should use social media for promotion of businesses by uploading press releases as blogs with sharing buttons and share the same across social media accounts. Doing so lets the audience feel closer to the brand and helps the said brand to reach more people instantly.

  1. Establishing a voice

In the world of social media, nothing is more important than having a unique voice that people would want to hear. As a brand, establishing a tone for your social media account is imperative. One can do this by selecting the format of posts, based on the company’s ideals and products, published on the handles.

For instance, if you are a B2B service provider, you would do better using social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook, over others. The posts on these handles can range from commentary on a new development in the field to announcements regarding your company. This is not to say you cannot use media like Instagram or Twitter, but you would need to tailor your posts accordingly.

  1. Forming connections and relationships

Building relationships is what social media does the best. When using social media for promoting businesses, PR managers can effectively connect with journalists and media outlets without the traditional cat-and-mouse game. When done right, brands can have a give-and-take relationship with journalists.

On the other hand, social media’s use in PR activities is also useful to do one of the most important marketing move- building relationships of trust and respect with customers and audience. Through regular posts on topics relevant to targeting your target audience, a brand can build a favorable image in a customer’s mind.

  1. Influencers, celebrities, and ambassadors

Getting someone to endorse a product is the most commonly used marketing and social media strategy for PR. At present, so many brands rely on influencers, celebrities, and ambassadors to get their products out there in the world. Such a form of marketing benefits a company two-fold: 1. They can reach a wider audience, and 2. They will have loyal customers if the products they sell are excellent.

Using social media handles, PR managers can reach out to their audience for ambassadors and research the influencer domain to know who can help the brand.

  1. Damage control plans

Reputation is necessary for a company, and one of the best uses of using social media for promoting businesses is the ease of managing brand reputation and image. The internet is fickle, and at any point in time, a brand may end up offending its audience with the silliest of mistakes. In such situations, social media is a platform that will be useful in conveying heartfelt apologies that can go a long way towards building positive relationships with customers.

  1. All hands on the deck

When it comes to a social media strategy for PR, an all-hands-on-the-deck approach is the best one a brand can adopt. Simply putting up entertaining posts on your handles will not gain brand loyalty. For someone to feel a sense of loyalty, they need to have a personal relationship with the company.

The best way to achieve this is to include everyone behind the scenes in marketing campaigns and social media posts. For instance, a B2B company can have its CEO occasionally post a blog article or put up a LinkedIn post. Another way to do this is by including the behind-the-scenes of marketing campaigns. Doing so humanizes the brand in the eyes of its audience.

Using social media for promoting businesses is not a one-and-done task. It requires a brand to be regular and consistent with its efforts to reach its audience. The key is always the golden rule of marketing- Do to others as you would have them do to you.

10 Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2020

Marketing is the singular difference that can take a brand to its heights. It isn’t unknown that your marketing strategy matters a great deal. An inefficient marketing strategy is one that causes no profits but may incur losses.

2019 has been a year of dreams and endless ideas when it comes to marketing. 2020 is going to be no less. There will be a gazillion marketing trends that may steal your attention; you must spend your attention on the best ones.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 marketing trends for 2020:

  1. E-shopping but better– E-commerce has been here for a couple of years now. However, E-commerce combines with social media is a powerful magic potion. If you have scrolled through your Instagram recently, you would have noticed several products on your feed, with tags on them. If you click on those products, the digital price tag appears; you can even buy them from within Instagram. The lucrative part about social media platforms like Instagram is their visual appeal. Instagram Commerce and its in-app checkout feature are revolutionary in its own way. This is one of the most lucrative business marketing trends right now.
  1. Push those notifications– Newsletters are a thing of the past. Nobody checks their mail or scours through those boring newsletters anymore. Consumers want reminders they can check easily without the effort. This is where push notifications come in. They’re an attractive marketing strategy to make sure your consumers get daily updates without having to move a finger. Research shows that web push notifications are twice as likely to rope in customers than email newsletters. The new year is here, and with it, all old marketing trends must go! Ditch the tiresome newsletter and get on with the program.
  1. Voice searches are the new thing– “Alexa, play me that song.” Voice searches ruled 2019. Speaker devices like Echo, Alexa, have been passionately accepted by the masses. They’ve been used for grocery shopping, finding songs, looking up addresses, random queries, shopping for special items, etc. Naturally, they found their way into e-commerce. Thirty-six million smart speakers were purchased this year alone. There’s a lot of potential when it comes to smart speakers, and it’s time that companies realized this growing business marketing trend.
  1. Lens it!– You already know about Google Lens. Since then, multiple Lenses have popped up. CamFind lets you search for products by simply clicking their pictures. Pinterest has jumped on this bandwagon too. The Pinterest Lens has carved its niche as it recognizes a booming 2.5 million products. Pinterest Lens is so prevalent that there have been 600 million searches for products. The appealing thing about Lenses is that you can simply look up the products you wish to buy, without any hassle. This is an unavoidable business marketing trend.
  1. Love thy employees– Customers don’t interact with the face of the brand. They interact with the employees at best. If the employees aren’t productive, efficient, polite, and smart to lead, your sales will probably be off. Brands say that most consumers wouldn’t buy from a company if they don’t get satisfying customer service. Employee engagement is a smart marketing strategy.
  1. Influence the influencers– Influencers get paid for promoting products on their social media feeds. They are an alternative to expensive celebrities. Not only will their hundreds of thousands of followers see your products being used/applied by/on them, but they’ll also find influencers to be more relatable than a big-screen star.
  1. AI paves the way– Artificial Intelligence has crept its way into e-commerce. Chatbots are being used by almost every big company. Even small businesses do not ignore this particular marketing Chatbots answer FAQs, give quick updates, no customer is put on hold, and is an efficient way to address queries.
  1. It’s time to get personal Personalize your brand. Take a cue from Amazon, Netflix, Flipkart, and hyper personalize the consumer experience. The experience you build for your consumers should be tailored and curated for their specific needs. This makes them feel noticed, appreciated, and understood.
  1. Blockchain technology for marketing– Blockchain has been around for quite some time now. It eliminates the necessity for a third-party verification system. A marketing strategy that includes blockchain technology will be paving the way to direct commerce. Only the parties involved shall exchange money/goods without third-party meddling.
  1. Omnichannel is everywhere Omnichannel marketing is precisely what the name suggests. You use all the platforms to send across a unique message that resonates with your objectives. Daily use of omnichannel marketing is when you get an SMS for an unpurchased item in your shopping cart, and then ads for the same item start popping on other platforms you visit.

To skyrocket your brand awareness and lead in the e-commerce industry, you have to update your marketing strategy in compliance with these business marketing trends. With people living their lives online, e-commerce marketing is the need of the hour.

10 functional tips for successful email marketing

Marketing is the base of your company’s existence. Just like you dress well and dab some highlighter here and there, emails do the exact thing by presenting your company in the spotlight. Read ahead to know the top 10 tips for a successful email marketing strategy.

1. Who is your reader?

One mistake that companies frequently make in their email marketing strategy is that they forget who they are sending a mail to. Keeping the reader in mind is of utmost importance. Different subscribers have different interests. Thus, you cannot expect a 70-year-old business-driven man to be interested in the purchase of cosmetics of ladies’ fashion. Retirement plans or investment options would be more viable. Research has shown reader-specific mails to be 18% more impactful. You should try email list segmentation and make appropriate categories for your consumers. Follow brand solutions such as:

  • Past purchases
  • Email log
  • Purchase cycle

2. Don’t be the annoying ex

You must be consistent with your emails, or you will end up being out of sight out of mind. But do you know how to keep it interesting? You must have an efficient team of copywriters and email designers who know which words to choose. Your subject line itself must be compelling for the reader to click on the mail. For example, if you have any upcoming or ongoing sale and happy hour period, you must mention that. Nothing excites clients more than the thought of saving a few extra bucks.

3. No one wants it long (still discussing email)

One of the biggest complaints that readers often have is that the mails are very lengthy. You need to understand that consumers have a lot of work and other things going on in their lives. Imagine having a deadline and then receiving a 2000-word essay in the form of an email. Will you read it? No! Thus, you should keep it short and precise. You are recommended to have one major call-to-action point and include keywords only with a few compelling images.

4. Remember, we are closer to our friends

You must personalize all the emails that you send. You should store important information such as the reader’s birthday, an anniversary, or any other upcoming events. You can also track their purchase history to send them related mails. When you engage in such personalized services, you can form a better relationship with the client. This small step can prove beneficial in the long run in forming a trusted bond. According to studies published by Campaign Monitor, it was found that such emails are 26% more useful for the business houses.

5. Being the stud or the dud?

The opening line you pick for your email marketing strategy is essential. You may not realize this, but the introduction is what decides whether the reader will continue with the mail or close all running apps, and your mail will be lost forever. The best way to start a message is by making it funny or witty. Humour is vital to get anyone’s instant attention. You should keep the sentences short. Also, you may resort to the use of banner images with catchy phrases or hashtags on them. The open rate depends on the subject line you put.

  • Use emotions to draw the attention of the reader
  • Long sentences should be avoided because they may be confusing
  • Don’t go overboard with humour
  • Questions can lead to higher click rates

6. Why send one when you can go for two?

No, this does not imply that you send two consecutive emails to everyone under the context of getting their attention. You are recommended to split test your mail strategy. For the uninitiated, this means that you should design two mails on the same subject. Divide your subscribers into two lists, and each group gets one mail. Accordingly, you can monitor which mail works better for your campaigning.

7. Grammarly has a free version

Please ensure that your emails do not have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. You can use the online services to check your emails before sending them. Employ a strong headline and keep a specific landing page. The sub-headline must support the headline, and a supporting image or video should be added without fail.

8. No one wants to visit a crowded carnival

When you are engaging in mail marketing, you must take care that the mail is not crowded. It should be spaced adequately to allow the reader to absorb information. Overload of data can stress the reader who will exit the message. There must be enough white space. Follow a proper structure, keep the passages short, and use plenty of bullet points.

9.Email marketing is like news

As a journalist, I can tell you from experience that news has to be timely; otherwise, it loses relevance. Similar is the case with email marketing. You must send the updated information about the sale and discount periods. It should be relevant for nothing more than a day or two. The main idea of email marketing is to create a situation where the buyer clicks instantly on your website link.

10. It’s an email, not wedding trousseau

Do not hesitate in repeating your successful mails. Marketing is all about trial and error. If something works well for your company, then you must repeat it with pride. The aim is to get as much profit as possible.

The email marketing tips mentioned above and brand solutions have been tried, tested, and studied in great depth. Thus, there is one hundred percent guarantee that they will work wonders for you. It is time to see the leads transform into sales. Run, hire more accountants!

Learn How to Increase Social Media Traffic by Following Statistics

The powerful impact of social media traffic is no secret. 2019 has brought a whole new level, and the digital world has proven it.

Social media is no longer a mere part of someone’s life; rather, it has become a significant part of many businesses. Its uses are no longer held for personal reasonsonly. Social media plays a significant role in professional lives as well.

The platforms can help companies reach out to their targeted audience. Therefore, gainingtraffic has become even more essential in 2019.

Without further delay, let’s check out what do the present statistics have to say about social media and how you can increase traffic to your platform.

Keep an eye on how social media management has taken over

Strategies are changing every now and then, followed by features and algorithms. If you think you’re updated in this case, you might need to rethink, because the growth is remarkable and ever-evolving.

Statistics have clearly shown how social platforms such as Instagram have been continually growing. Ever since 2014, the number of users kept on increasing by approximately 100 million every month. However, from September 2017 to June 2018, that number had increased by around 200 million.

If you are intrigued to know more in details about social media management, continue reading with a few specific examples!


  • 97% of advertisers consider it as the most useful platform when it comes to social media marketing.
  • As stated in October 2018, Facebook had over 2 billion active users, and it continued to be the most popular site among social networks.
  • SimilarWeb and Alexa placed Facebook on the third position in global website rankings, while YouTube has taken the second position which belonged to Facebook earlier.


  • Talking about social media engagement, Instagram has topped Facebook with a rate of 1.60% for every post.
  • Instagram has managed to attract 72% of teens, while the percentage was 52% in 2015.
  • Ad spending is almost 23% higher than the amount required on Facebook.
  • This platform is quite active as users upload over 100 million pictures or videos every day.


  • Since 88% of advertisers use this platform to pull social media traffic, it makes Twitter more popular than the rest.
  • They earned almost $665 million revenue at the beginning of 2018. This is expected to keep increasing by 21%.
  • Of this revenue, $575 was from ads, which also increased by 21%.
  • Currently, this platform has 326 million active users monthly.
  • Those users tweet almost 500 million posts on a daily basis.


  • This platform has around 590 million users and 260 million become active every month.
  • Speaking of conversion rate, LinkedIn is 277% better than Twitter and Facebook.
  • 80% of B2B leads is generated from this platform.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter contribute approximately 90% of traffic to B2B websites and blogs. Out of these, LinkedIn is responsible for half of it alone.

Clearly, social media has struck the entire digital world. However, to increase traffic, you need to keep certain aspects in mind.

Gain traffic by focusing on social media engagement

Keep the following in mind in order to generate more traffic:

  1. Introduce Facebook Customer Chatbot:

You must be aware of the chat widgets that pop up every now and then on websites. However, you might not know that you can install the same with the help of Facebook Messenger widget.

The function is quite similar, but it has an additional aspect. Through this, a customer can opt for communications via Messenger. This means you could end up with their contact information. Imagine every time a person chats with you via this feature, you would get a new contact in the Messenger and thus, more social media traffic in order.

  1. Use your website to point out your social media accounts:

Having icons on your website linked up with your social media accounts is a great way to broadcast and reach out to the targeted audience. This is a perfect strategy to put out your presence.

However, ensure that the icons are easily visible and any user should be able to locate them once they are on your site.

  1. Engaging and easily readable content can generate social media traffic:

Make it available to visitors for sharing the materials you upload on social media. Ensure that you use “share this” buttons and even install plug-ins so that users can share important and relevant things uploaded on your website.

  1. Enable the feature of posting comments:

It is wise to let users comment on your posts so that they feel interactive and such conversations might turn into great discussions. However, including a feature such as a widget or a comment plug-in is imperative, so that any spam is automatically filtered for good.

  1. Make sure the content looks attractive:

You can also increase social media traffic by ensuring that the content are attractive and engaging so that users feel invited to share the same.

  1. Add click-to-Tweets in your content:

In case you are not aware of this tool, it enables handcraft tweets. Such tweets feature some piece of contents like a quote or catchy lines. This is a great way to attract users and provoke them to be more socially active.

  1. Invoke a social login:

To help your website become a full-on social platform, you need to incorporate social login in order to persuade participation as well as increase membership.

Offer additional benefits to those who would join your site via social media. This is a business strategy to gather more people and use them to boost awareness of your website’s presence.

These are a few significant points one should keep in mind to increase social media traffic. However, it’s imperative that you deal with every aspect crucially and carefully.

For the best results, try to stay updated about the latest trends and strategies of increasing traffic and ensure that your effort does not go in vain. Also, keep an eye on the statistics based on social media to execute plans in the best manner possible.

Uncover the Tips to Build a Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Tweeting is the trending sound reverberating across the social media platform since the last couple of years.

Think about this…

When was the last time you missed out catching up on the latest information in the world of entertainment, politics, sports, etc. on Twitter?

Isn’t it evident that everyone across the globe at present is leaning towards this social media platform?

This wide popularity of Twitter makes it a vital platformwhere marketers are running their Twitter marketing strategy on a whetstone. According to recent studies, there are about 7000 tweets/second across the globe. With such traffic in thissocial media, the lifespan of each Twitter post is about 18 minutes, beyond which a post is lost amongst the crowd of millions.

Considering this intense competition, creating an impact through Twitter posts becomes exceptionally challenging as compared to the posts on other social media platforms like Facebook. Such circumstances call for the assistance of expert marketing techniques that carry a power punch to levitate a Twitter post to the top and guarantee its long-lasting impression.

Go ahead; check out the top tips on Twitter marketing strategy. They are the hush-hush secrets for every proficient in this marketing field!

Top strategies to up your Twitter marketing game!

Marketing is all about creating a buzz regarding the product and services that your brand offers. More eyes on the post hint at more chances of conversion.Considering the fact that

  • 2019 saw 4.388 billion users delved in the world of internet, and
  • 84 users were drawn to the various social media sites,

-it is understandable that marketers all across the globe are targeting social media sites to reach out to their prospective clients.

However, a vast majority of brands, irrespective of their genre of trade, are leaning towards leaving a digital trail for their existing and prospective clients. This creates an extremely competitive environment which requires the expert intervention of trending tactics to up the game in the Twitter marketing realm.

So, here you go – the top tips to spruce up your Twitter campaigns!

    #1. It’s ‘Go Live’ time!

The primary focus of any marketing team is to ensure that the post creates a lasting impression on the mind of the viewers. According to researchers, nothing does this better than video representations. Approximately,80% of the users who view Twitter videos tend to remember those as compared to vanilla posts.

So, make sure to hail your brand’s new launch through an attractive video in Twitter advertising!

    #2. Remember to tweet for a cause

Remember #TBH? It retained its foothold despite the crowd of thousand other such trending hashtags. The reason being the intent with which it was started.

Know this: your existing and prospective customers look ahead to see your brand participating in such affirmative empowerment programs. This reflects the transparency and integrity that a company holds.

So, get yourself updated about the latest trending hashtags on women empowerment, literacy programs, emergency responses on natural disasters, etc. Make sure that your clients get to see your company in a positive light.

Pssstt…However, choose your battles wisely. Make sure not to get involved in controversial Twitter campaigns. Such alliance tends to be remembered for long!

    #3. Steal the show with the best visuals

Would you want to miss out on chances to boost your client conversion rate?

Then, let their eyes feast on the visuals of your products and services!

  • 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on the colour of their images alone.
  • 63% of social media comprises images.

Be it Twitter arts, Emojis, or other multimedia – visuals in any form play a crucial role in driving more client engagement. These multimedia options may include GIFs, images, or videos. By 2016, Twitter was already flooded with 100 million GIFs.

The incorporation of such visuals seems to be the best Twitter marketing strategy presently. What follow is not just purchases but free marketing through constant re-tweets and shares on various social media platforms.

    #4. Celebrate the power Twitter advertising

Looking for the most convenient and cost-effective Twitter marketing strategy?

Well, the answer would be – building Twitter ad campaigns. It allows you to target specific audiences through keywords, profiles, and hashtags.

In this context, it would serve to be useful if a person keeps track of conversion because he/she can later retarget them during his/her next campaign. Several tools are available which are designed to provide accurate assistance on this topic.

    #5. Implement influencer marketing tactics

So, what exactly is influencer marketing?

It is a new strategy adopted by all marketers to establish a bond between a brand and some specific individuals for mutual benefit. The purpose is to utilize the individual’s brand and boost a brand’s professional trust. This individual may be content curators, or budding bloggers, or anyone with a specific hold over a group of Twitter users.

Through this form of Twitter campaigns, companies can create a unique brand campaign and hence, build a group of the target audience.

    #6. Be organized with your posting dates

Did you know?

According to experts, the right posting schedule can boost your Twitter engagement by about 192% in a single day!

Once you build a specific time frame for your posts, your existing and potential clients would know when to look into your profiles. Considering that Twitter often serves to be the introductory platform for your company, it is essential that the first impression is well enough to draw them towards your services. A scheduled posting routine reflects your brand’s perseverance and consistency.

Moreover, with an optimized schedule for your tweets, you can also target specific peak hours for Twitter posts. Upon a researched approach, you can get accustomed to the days of the week, and specific hours in those days when traffic is the most. This will increase your chances of reaching out to the maximum clients at a time.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you can always incorporate a few more tactics to bring in finesse to your Twitter marketing strategy. These are:

  • Conversational tone in posts
  • Quality content
  • The aid of the best Twitter marketing tools
  • Hawk’s eye on your brand’s mention anywhere on Twitter
  • Choosing appropriate hashtags

Tweet away with these trending Twitter marketing strategy,and witness the dramatic improvement in your brand’s success!

Utilize LinkedIn for Effective Leads – Your Way Out to Higher Conversion!

Get over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram folks, LinkedIn is silently becoming the most favoured child of social media today!

Yes, while there’s no doubt that other platforms still hold a good share of popularity amongst marketers, the steady rise of this platform cannot be contested. If numbers are to be believed, as much as 40% of the respondents indicate at the popularity of this platform in network creation for B2B marketers.

Does it ring in something?

Yes, the vaster the business network, the more capable you are of generating effective leads for your business. Moreover, in this context, it beats other platforms by a wide margin.  Like, Twitter falls a whopping 25% below its capability and Facebook at 3% below this. Other platforms don’t even come close and are entirely dwarfed by its outreach.

Not to mention, the recent campaigning and other productive strategies have made LinkedIn the most effective platform for lead generation. So, why should any business stay behind when it carries unmatched useful lead generation capabilities?

Here’s another data to prove its prominence – As much as 23% more social media managers who are experienced favour using this social platform than the beginners for lead generation.

Now, when its pre-eminence is already established, let’s have a detailed look at how this platform can give your business active leads.

Ad campaigning for a cut-through effect

Campaigns have been a useful tool so far for reaching out to the target audience on this social media platform. While campaigning has been effective in garnering new viewers and attracting new leads, LinkedIn takes it a step further. It offers advanced tools that help get the most out of a business’ campaigning strategy.

Two of the most popular campaigning strategies that have brought in a good number of effective leads are –

  • Sponsoring

With the help of Sponsored Updates, you get a channel to reach out to the feeds of people your business targets. These people are the most likely to find the content valuable.

Here’s how the best performing sponsoring campaigns have been doing it so far!

  • They create content that bears the closest possible relevance for their target audience.
  • These sponsored ads are integrated with enticing images for thumbnails to attract the reader’s attention.
  • These ads also accompany a captivating headline that straightaway answers the question – What does it bring for the customers?
  • Businesses then ask the most valuable contacts in their network to share the content and tap this lead generation potential.

Quite clearly, sponsored ad campaigning is winning businesses more and more effective leads over time.

It’s all in the network, you see!

  • Personalisation

Circumventing the sponsorship strategy of lead generation, personalisation is another effective method for the same. Businesses add the personalisation element when distributing the various types of advertisements on this social platform.

It is well-known that more personalised ads leave a stronger message for readers or viewers, thus, reverberating the business’ idea and purpose in their mind. It also establishes more relevance for the viewers, making them an effective lead for the company.

Another factor that plays in when adding a touch of personalisation to these ads is that they address a business’ marketing goals that are more specific and diversified.

With personalised ads, you can make your marketing strategy more diversified, thereby, reaching out to more specific sections of the target audience. It increases the chances of generating effective lead to the manifold on LinkedIn.

As per one of the research results, ads on this platform resulted in a conversion of as much as 11.3% of available leads. The good news is that the cost businesses incurred per lead on this platform reduced a remarkable 68% as against through other social media platforms.

Types of ads

The social media platform also allows one to leverage the existing reach of a business with the help of two specific types of ad campaigns –

  • Text Ads

Story of a Silent Ambassador: 2019 Logo Designs, Change & More

A sudden flurry in the marketing world to declare one’s brand identity, to sit up straight and make a statement to the audience is what’s striking the peeps the most. With the release of Slack’s quirky logo and that of MasterCard’s a week before, brands are literally on a roll!

The value of rebranding via changing the insignia can be seen growing like an ivy slowly gathering momentum. Brand marketing is a highly effective tool for business which codifies, unifies and connects the target hub with a brand’s innate story. Perhaps, that is why this new wave has started to come to the shores of branding.

Changing the insignia design to give a new message: Citing some examples!


Changing its logo and incurring quite a mixed bag of reviews, Zara raised a storm amongst its fan club. Your target audience is not so keen on change.

In the case of Zara, the general consensus for the new design was that the font had become a bit ‘squished’. As per this brand, they agreed that their new emblem did lack space in between the letters, but they did it on purposes.

Making the symbol visually chic, the brand desired to keep its image fresh and contemporary. Rather than opting for an elitist looking script which makes the brand come off as ‘pretentious’, Zara went for a rebranding that protruded a simplistic essence.

Kate Spade:

The New York brand altered its classic logo of a spade this spring. Larger and coming in a variety of colors, its signature “clover” green branding now come as “pink kiss”. The brand stated on its Instagram account that instead of their patent tonal enameled spade, they shall now promise diverse colored spades in gold, pink and other “pretty enamel shades”.

In its spring collection, Kate Spade launched its “spade heart twistlock” that unlocks handbags by twisting a heart in the spade placed upside down.


Slack went straight from a unique logo to something which resembles your local apothecary. The brand laid out quite a reasonable argument in its blog post on this sudden change.

“We had our first emblem created before our brand was launched. It is playful, and our octothorpe (hash sign) represented a character which you see in front of our product channels. Our design was vulnerable of being perceived in a wrong manner. It had 11 different shades, and when placed on any color other than white, they tweaked in a wrong way that pained us.”

The company has designed its new emblem to mark consistency. They can now come off as a singular mark fixing any wrong perceptions that were previously held by the audience.

Dunkin’ Donuts:

The brand dropped its sweet treats from their name. It had been quite a strong rebranding where the company wished to shift its common perception. Instead of a “morning coffee” stop, it was now an “any time of your day on the go” stop.

This change is a logical extension of its tagline – “America runs on Dunkin’”. It has now expanded its drinks range and food menu to entice a much younger target group.

Take the risk – rebranding in 2019

If you are apprehensive about changing your brand’s emblem or go for a rebrand spurt, then it’s time you dropped the ball.

Embrace the change as it is the only constant that remains viable.

  • Growth in your business is what you must always look for. However, there can be certain pain points that you need to check and change. You need to reposition yourself within your niche so that you can encompass a wider periphery of your target hub.
  • Setting yourself apart is another branding game that you need to get yourself into this year. If your marketplace gets oversaturated, your brand becomes more prone to becoming less and less discrete. In this case, a rebrand is what sends a message to your market that you are the ONE.
  • If you have a solid and planned out brand strategy, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you have a clustered and messy font image, then boy, do you need a CHANGE. Pinpointing your logo and identity in a direct manner is what you got to do here.
  • There will be times when you will wish to serve a mass market at a comparatively low charge. On the other hand, there can be times when you want to work on a market comprising the select few. However, if you try to bring both these contradictory groups under one umbrella, then that won’t pay off well. If you desire to market for a new demographic, you need to grow a new brand identity.

For new insignia redesign, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before fixating upon one pattern –

  • Has your brand expanded or changed?
  • Do you have a new competitor in your domain?
  • Are you adhering to a new group?
  • Has your mission changed?
  • Is your emblem up to date?

Providing a unique identity and image to your brand via redesigning your logo is what the new age marketing calls for.

The emblem is a symbol of your brand that needs to associate with your customers in a personal manner. Brand insignias are not simply designs and patterns encrusted on a fancy platter. They are your company’s silent ambassadors who tell your brand story with visual appeal.

They must be memorable. For example, the “tick” of Nike, the “half bitten apple” of Apple, the slanted bars of Adidas and similar global brands have stuck to your mind ever since you saw them!

People remember images more easily than words. A creative badge for your brand ought to make them remember your product or service. Now, your emblem will be designed in a manner which speaks about what you cater.

It’s all about taking the big leap you know?

A chic, smart and interactive symbol can turn heads and make your brand name ring true amongst the crowd. So, revamp your logo and recreate your brand identity to strengthen credibility in 2019.

It’s All about Ads! Brand Strategy Tastes Success

7.84% of today’s generation do not opt for traditional mode of advertising anymore.

Those days, which showed naked attempts to persuade customers with their argumentative advertisements, are long gone.

  1. Connecting
  2. Reaching

These are the two reasons for which brand ads are made with so much zealousness today. Offering potential solutions to a customer’s need, harbouring his/her desire on a subtle level and what not does a quirky brand strategy entail while showing an ad!

It’s all about creating a deep impact on the customer’s mind so that he or she eventually adheres to your brand’s service or product.

Right now, all that matters is a human touch which will connect with a brand’s TG group on a personal level. Brand strategy, therefore, perhaps is seeing a new turn on the road!

Some of the best industry ads have been ingenious at harbouring a long lasting impression upon its viewers. Ads form a crucial portion of online promotion for brand marketing, and thus, need to be inspiring in their very essence.

  • Images
  • Jingles
  • Stories

All of these are the tools which make the engine of a brand run!

Remember, Apple, Pepsi or Nike did not just become creative for creativity’s sake. They focused on their core identity only to curate an evergreen imprint on the human mind.

Ads for online marketing business bring victory!


Advertisers are known for tickling their viewers with a particular cadence which catches the buzz. TV commercials are not just for proffering free music but rather for creating memories. With the digital ad arena receiving a colossal boost, online promotion of any brand works towards carving out a catchphrase which will resonate with the virtual viewer.

It is the power of digital engagement which influences a customer for the long-term.

Tag lines are MUST!

For example, if you are a food company then tag lines like

“The fresher the better”, “Load it up!” or “NomNom your tummy” can be quite intriguing.


Online promotion ads have the power of visibility as well as coverage! The main goal for digital ads is to acquire as much web traffic as they can so that they effectively nurture a healthy base of lead conversions.

Social networks:

44% of Millennials purchase products through social media channels.

Powering up ads on social networks proves to be the most effective brand strategy. They give advertisers a booming platform to promote their brand messages by segmenting their target audience easily.

LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are some of the biggest social media ad churning bases currently. Promotional content will reach more millennials, and your brand will organically get positioned at an elevated status here.

Banners are good:

Considered as the best form of digital advertising, banners are differently sized, illustrated and strategically placed so that everyone catches their glimpse. Users clicking on a banner will be directed to your website, thus, increasing your traffic count. However, presently, there is an over saturation of ads which often leads a viewer to skip.

Blog advertising:

If you are thinking about ads posted within, above or below a blog post, then, you are mistaken. Those are pop-ups merely.

However, here, we are talking about branded content posted in the manner of a blog, bespeaking an experience or a story of reflection. They protrude an indirect mode of advertising which hooks the reader as he or she gets an explanatory answer for the brand’s product or service.

Here’s what you can do to prep a savvy advertisement for your brand this year:

  • Describe your brand identity via imagery coupled with your target audience demographic as well as a psychographic background.
  • Understand which type of content (imagery, video or simple commercials) your target audience digs.
  • Establish clear cut parameters as in how your product will be positioned in the ad.
  • Make your company goals straight cut for the advertisement.
  • Ensure your ad channel and the format which will be broadcasted.
  • Keep a primary copy for your ad’s initial stage.
  • You can keep a call back to your logo or a call to action at the beginning or end.
  • Adopt an interactive design for your advertisement so that it organically incurs response.

Ads are what your brand stands for…Success Stories!

Video advertising is 50 times more effective to drive organic search as they increase the results by 157%.

Story 1:

Have you noticed Coke’s video ad campaigns?

Must say, those come with a genuine feeling of sharing love amongst your close ones! Quite an impeccable online marketing business strategy, isn’t it? The ‘Share a Coke’ began in 2011, and since then, it became a global slogan. Pepsi soon followed suit launching a counter ad for Coke.

You see no matter how great your product looks or is in reality, you have to paint the perfect picture depicting its quality at its best. What you have got to tell is convey your brand story in such a way so that you get to hit the highest selling point.

No one wants a bad ROI, does anyone?

Story 2:

In case of FMCG brand advertisings, take the example of Cadbury!

A British confectionery brand that became famous for its evergreen Dairy Milk.

It ads showed how aliens eat chocolate and start to dance away in merriment. There goes a Spielberg E.T. anecdote eh?

The lesson here was you have got to learn how you can be a different entity from the millions of marketers today! If folks tell you that your product is quite mainstream, then, let them say that for you have to create a distinctive category where you can climb the ladder of super success.

Today, all those ads which flock your browsing sessions or your TV have captured your mind even for the tiniest of a time period. It is their captivating HOOK which acts as the bait!

Hence, your company will only savour the sweet taste of success if your brand strategy can carve out a simplistic yet effective ad portraying your brand identity effortlessly.


Originality still trumps all!

Instagram Marketing: Tell Your Story to Increase Your Readers!

#Iger, #Ig_follow #Instablogger #Instagramhub…..

Well, you can go on and on with the millions of hashtags you see every time someone in your circle posts something on Instagram, the coolest social media platform out there.

Instagram marketing has upped the online branding game by 67% as per the recent market research. It is the most lucrative social media platform where any brand can become the hottest profile with the maximum number of followers.

Here, at Insta, you get to create an illustrative brand identity by posting images, sharing stories, following potential leads – in a word, being RELEVANT.

Stories told are stories remembered…

The Insta story is the latest chic feature hooking the new-age igers to the platform. What igers do here is share moments from their life with brilliant emojis, hashtags, even asking questions or creating an answer box for their followers to respond.

  • The places you go, eat or drink, what you see and which aspect gets imprinted in your memory – all of these are fodders for an Insta story.
  • These stories are published separately. They are found in your Insta profile picture where you can be as creative and engaging as you want.
  • Ig stories are fun and help your brand generate awareness regarding its latest happenings within a short period.
  • They have been credited for fuelling massive follower growth for many brands; some of them being Teen Vogue, Bustle, etc.
  • The stories also encourage the growth of Instagram Direct as here one-to-one messaging can take place.

[Note: Recently, it was seen that 1 out of 5 Ig stories gets one direct reply. This makes the brand connect with its audience on a more personal level.]

Being a pro at curating the best Instagram marketing content –




These 3C’s should be your mantra if you want to have a gala time on this platform that currently has more than 25 million businesses.

Establishing the “look” of your brand is of utmost importance. You see, here, it is all about being visually consistent. The more authentic and relevant your image content is, the more is the chance of people recognizing your brand at a glance.

Your goal on Instagram is to make sure that the users do not just merely scroll away their home feed even after seeing your brand post.

You have got to keep it REAL!

The moment your audience realises that your stories actually convey something, with which they can connect to, you are a winner.

Instagram stories have always proved to be invaluable for users as well as marketers. Both have embraced short-form videos, the images and the stories. Moreover, with superb filters and animated features, your story does come alive ready to hook a substantial follower base. The hashtags added to your story make your follower count go up really fast!

Instagram marketing is interlinked with other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Just stop from slapping up a stock image that carries no relation with your brand service, and you are good to shine.

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