5 sneaky ways to build brand awareness

When you are hungry and want something instantly to fill your belly, do you ask for instant noodles or Maggie? Similarly, when you fall and bruise your knee, do you ask for a plastic bandage or a BandAid? These examples show just how crucial brand awareness is in today’s world.

Business owners often focus all of their energy in offering something unique and putting it on sale. However, when it fails to get the traction, they sit disappointed. It is at that time that they realize just how important brand awareness is. Brand awareness is the whetstone of how easily customers recall your brand. It spreads a word about your business amongst the target audience and makes you a part of vital conversations.

Not only does brand awareness keep the existing customers on board by spreading the value of loyalty but also magnetizes newer ones. What are the ways to achieve it? Let’s have a quick look at the five sneaky ways to build brand awareness.

1. Social media drives and giveaways

Everyone is on social media these days, and it is the perfect platform for creating a buzz about your brand. The contests boost engagement tremendously, which increases sales. According to Tailwind, Instagram accounts which host contests grow over 70% faster than those who don’t.

Giveaways include distributing freebies amongst your followers by asking them to do either or both of these tasks –

  • Liking and sharing your posts
  • Tagging their friends in the comments section

On the other hand, contests involve competition for the freebies. It can either be a poll or a challenge which uses your hashtags. Now, this hashtag needs to be short enough for easy entry and unique enough to be easily identified across the various social media channels. The branded hashtags will boost brand awareness.

2. Tag your friend

Now, this is a call-to-action which is extremely easy to implement. Make your posts relatable so that people share them with their friends and also tag them in the comments section.

If you want to keep your feed fresh but don’t have the time to come up with a well-articulated post, this is the way to go. It doesn’t sound pushy and yet successfully spreads brand awareness amongst newer customers.

3. Referral programs

You can shout from the rooftops about your brand, but unless the followers tell success stories themselves, it will all go in vain. Give your best to every customer and don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. If a customer is satisfied with your product or service, h/she will talk about it with their friends. Can you see how this will boost your sales in no time?

Yet, incentives might be required to push your customers further. Think about it – the credibility and the leads that you are likely to generate will certainly compensate for the incentives.

Have you seen the referral program of Dropbox? With every successful referral, the existing users get 500MB of free storage. This campaign enabled the company to earn a plethora of users in the initial days itself.

4. Memes

There can be nothing like memes when it comes to providing your followers with a breath of fresh air from pushy promotional campaigns. Though they aren’t an obvious choice for boosting brand awareness, they have immense potential for going viral. People often share relatable memes with their loved ones over several social media channels, and a humorous post will certainly raise the number of your followers.

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind before you post memes on your social media handle –

  • Avoid controversial topics like the plague. The last thing you want is for a potential client to get offended. Keep it light-hearted and funny.
  • Make sure that the memes align with your brand image and target audience. Anything off-tune will only have adverse effects.

5. Influencer marketing

Influencers are perceived as industry experts by and large and collaborating with them can be quite beneficial for your business. Go for user-centric content to gain access to their following.

There are several forms of influencer marketing campaigns –

  • You can ask the influencers to review your products or services on their social media handles to boost credibility.
  • You can collaborate with the influencers to host a giveaway or contest. They can offer your products as prizes to the winners.
  • Guest posting is also a fantastic option for leveraging influencer marketing.

Do you remember the early days of Daniel Wellington? By building a symbiotic relationship with influencers, the brand reached new heights and became one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. They generated a million Instagram followers in their very first year.

The bottom line

Building brand awareness isn’t a choice any more, but a necessity. Reach out to Rush Republic for the best branding solutions.

7 branding trends you should know

7 branding trends you should know

Today, branding trends are no longer confined to visual differentiation. With technological innovation and growing needs, they have extended far and beyond. Branding trends are approached all together differently in 2020.

Branding trends now include an entirely new set of elements right from social consciousness to community-centred communication. Yet, at the core of them lies the aim of building authentic customer relationships.

You ought to catch pace with the latest branding trends if you want your brand to thrive in 2020. Let’s go through the seven best branding trends in 2020 quickly.


Customers today are looking for a more personal experience. They relate to people and not to brands. If you can tug at their heartstrings, consider your work done. Storytelling is an important concept in branding that keeps the customers hooked.

Even though many tasks are automated today, and rightly so, that cannot dominate your brand voice. To stand out, customers need to see the human behind them. For that, you need to answer a pressing question – “What is your brand’s voice?”

You can also make customers feel involved in the process by giving them a glimpse of what’s behind curtains. Have you seen the “Behind the scenes” videos of Disney? If yes, you know just what we are talking about here.

Use chatbots

Chatbots and other newer technologies are transforming business relations dramatically. Chatbots are no longer considered new technology and are rather essential. With the advent of AI, brands have become more interactive than ever before.

Though many companies go the extra mile by being available or customers at all hours, using chatbots cuts down the expenses and optimizes the resources greatly. Increasingly, it has been found that a lot of customers feel more comfortable with chatbots than phone calls or emails.

What’s more? They can even engage in a live conversation while browsing your website. Sounds fantastic, right?

Leverage online branding communities

Through online communities, customers share brand-related topics, advice and tips, and you can use the same to understand the pain points of your customers without pushing your product. These communities are great if you want to keep your services relevant to the needs of customers. Moreover, they also make the customers feel heard. Subsequently, their loyalty towards your brand is bound to grow.

Enhance brand loyalty with exceptional customer experience

Gone are the days of perks and gifts. If you want to build a customer base that lasts, you need to interact with them creatively. Building an emotional connect is bound to give great returns.

Take, for instance, the motto of “All for Freedom and Freedom for All” of Harley Davidson. It has helped the brand create a base of loyal customers who believe in the purpose. Moreover, through “brand fests”, customers get together and share their stories related to the brand. The bonding thus created works massively in the brand’s favour.

Social Conscience

Reflecting social conscience is not a fad. Today, customers want to feel that you care about the same causes as they do. Be it the environment, inclusivity or diversity, reflecting these core values in your brand’s voice will increase the trust of customers in your brand.

IKEA has demonstrated time and again that they care a lot about the same. They do their bit by keeping a tab on water usage in their stores and using solar panels. All of the cotton and wood that they use comes from sustainable sources. The brand is making great progress towards its goal of using 100% renewable energy.

Emphasize on mobile user interaction

Mobile use is already a trend, and those who won’t catch up will surely lose out. There is a high probability that customers are viewing your website and emails on a smartphone, and if they are not customized, they will skip reading it like there is no tomorrow.

While the subject lines and the paragraphs need to be short and concise, the CTA button needs to be big enough to grab eyeballs but not so much that it ends up taking over the whole screen. Email marketing should be targeted to the needs of the customers rather than bombarding them with quantity.

Go for an all-encompassing marketing strategy

A meaningful marketing strategy employs a unified approach. Representatives from every department need to come up with a plan that scores high on every parameter. It can be a challenge to create such a strategy if you already aren’t aware of the digital marketing possibilities available to you. Reach out to Rush Republic to build a marketing strategy that sells.

The Bottom Line

Branding trends in 2020 have gone way beyond the traditional methods. Today, you can only ace the game if you know how to connect with customers. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out!

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