Cuisine house:
Cuisine house is a fast food joint, serving an unusual menu. It has a mix of Eastern European and Asian cuisine with an Indian twist.

The Challenge:
The joint is located in a food court with many other food kiosks. So their biggest challenge was to stand out from the rest. Moreover they didn’t want a logo that reflected the cuisine they served instead wanted a stylish logo. Apart from that they wanted a menu with an explanation for the savories as most of the items were new and unheard.

The Solution:
Meeting the requirements, we came up with a concept of bright yellow color background and black font. While color yellow triggered the appetite of a person, the black stated the commitment of taste it would deliver. To create an identity of its own we gave the client a customized font rather than fonts available on the system. The menu had handpicked pictures followed by tantalizing description of the dishes which would make anyone go mmmmmmmm.



Date published

June 14, 2017